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hi guys Natalie Jill here back on happy healthy and fit and today I’m answering your questions about how to get abs how to get that flat belly that is the most common question I get and a lot of you ask individual questions so I put together a list of my most frequently asked ab questions and I’m going to share the answers with you so we’re talking about how to get abs and how to get that flat belly are you ready the number one question the first one is our ABS really made in the kitchen and my answer might surprise you but I’m going to say it depends why because if exercise is not your primary thing if that is if you are not performing at athlete’s level and I mean athlete level think Olympic athlete not just going the gym and putting in time on the elliptical then yes diet is hugely important in fact that could be up to 90 percent of importance now if you’re an athlete if you’re an extreme athlete or you’re training at that level high intensity diet does become less important it’s true the stronger your working out the more intense you’re working out if you’re training at athlete level you can pretty much eat whatever you want and you’re going to still have those abs mat flat belly it’s true I’ll tell you two if there’s a lot of controversy sometimes when you see an Olympic athlete and a nutritionist or somebody is criticizing what they eat but you look at them when they’re super lean well hello if you’re burning off those thousands of thousands of calories a day and you have that much muscle mass you get a pass to eat what you want because it doesn’t matter at that point you’re gonna still see those abs it’s true so yes it matters but the more intense you’re working out not the longer the more intense you’re working out the less nutrition plays a role in seeing those ABS second question I get is cardio important for having abs again it depends it is not necessary it can work now I’ll tell you me personally I used to be the person that did the hour of cardio every day on an empty stomach thinking I’m tapping into fat now well what that did and it does to a lot of people is it can make you hungrier and it’s a slower process when you’re on an elliptical reading and taking your time maybe you’re burning a higher percentage of fat but you’re burning less calories overall so it could literally just make you hungrier and want to eat more later I have taken out that kind of cardio and what I suggest is you need to do what works for you if you like that cardio and it’s working for you keep at it but if you’re at a standstill and you want to see those abs consider taking that out upping the intensity and your other training and trying some high-impact interval training versus the low steady cardio now the same thing applies as the earlier question if you are an athlete you’re doing triathlons you’re doing marathons that is different that’s athlete level you just on that elliptical reading for an hour putting in your time to get abs it’s not going to work it’s not going to work I’m sorry maybe you’re the exception to the rule but if it’s not working for you now think about changing it the next one can I get abs after having a baby yes you can a hundred percent I’m telling you it’s true because I’m sorry but I do have abs and I did have a baby so there you go that’s my proof and I know lots of people that have done it too lots of people that have done it getting abs after a baby so it is true the next question is if you have loose skin what can you do now I’m going to tell you this if you’ve lost a lot of weight or you’ve had a baby downward dog is probably not gonna ever be pretty again I’m sorry it’s true it’s true you have a loose skin and there’s not a lot you can do about it now what you can do is change the appearance drastically when you develop muscle in your abdominals when you develop that muscle and you lose the fat it’s gonna show less of an appearance and I want to show I’m literally going to show you my skin because I’m going to show you that because it is different than you’re thinking it looks like somebody has a flat stomach and abs but after you’ve had that loose skin your skin is different and that will not completely go back unfortunately without surgery or unless you are super young but you can drastically change the appearance by developing that muscle and losing that fat it’s true do stretch marks ever go away or do you have to have a cosmetic procedure sometimes they will fade there’s no magic trick to just get rid of them I’m sorry so I know a lot of things claim to do it but again you could change the appearance they become less obvious but that’s not something you can exercise away or just erase away the stretch marks what’s the best exercise for abs there’s a million exercises you can do but I’m going to say hand down on I go for the plank in any plank variation the reason is you’re going to work that entire core and you’re also going to involve you’re also going to involve your whole body so you are going to burn more calories ultimately tap into more fat develop that strong lean core which is going to help those ABS shine through if you’re doing just one exercise I would say go for a plank based move are you a fan of crunches how come you never talk about them I will tell you that a few years ago crunches were where it was that for me I used to do 200 crunches a day in fact I think I wrote a blog about 200 crunches a day but I had lower back pain all the time and I didn’t know why not a fan of crunches not anymore I think there are much better exercises that will help your lower back be healthy it will help you be functionally fit and will still get you that definition so I like a lot of ab exercises but plank based ones are my preference not crunches so it’s not about doing 200 crunches a day or a thousand crunches a day or any of them you don’t have to do them now if you don’t have lower back pain and you like doing them great keep doing them if you’re looking to change it up I would say take them out try some plank based things next question doesn’t eating fat make you fat why do you suggest fat on all of your programs okay let’s get with the program here it’s not 1980 and eating fat does not get you fat what gets people fat eating too much of the wrong foods and being sedentary period if we eat more than we burn off and we don’t move enough we are going to gain fat period I might get some hate mail but it’s true I’m not talking about the 1% that has an unusual metabolic issue I get it that’s out there somebody this does not apply to but for most people eating fat is not the problem it’s eating the wrong foods eating too much of them and being too sedentary so fat is great we need fat for skin for to fill us up to make us feel good to keep us full eat the fat I’m a huge fan of it especially coconut oil lots of good fast you can eat and it’ll help keep you full that is not what makes you fat is there a supplement or pill that targets body fat no there’s not I’m sorry it’s a lie there’s no supplements that’s going to target belly fat alone they might claim that there is but it’s not it’s always going to be diet nutrition and exercise first supplements have a place there is a place to supplement your diet and help you but there’s not a pill you can swallow that’s gonna make you lose belly fat I call BS if you have a c-section can you get abs back yes you can it all depends but I’ll show you a picture of my friend Courtney here she’s looking pretty darn good and she definitely had a c-section so you can get them back what is the quickest way to lose fat and get your flat belly back okay that is going to be a process I’m not going to lie to you to lose fat correctly you’re talking about two pounds a week approximately a fat loss because it takes about a thirty five hundred calorie deficit to lose a pound of fat so if you’re going from a highly processed food diet and you’re just starting out you might lose more week one that’s fine but on average if you’re going to keep that weight off it’s about two pounds per week that you’re going to lose of fat now what a lot of people mistake is that that lower belly might not be fat maybe it’s another issue maybe it’s bloat maybe it’s loose skin maybe it’s something else if it’s bloat yes you can get that away pretty quickly by changing up your diet being more hydrated so you’re not holding on to water in your body and also so you are gonna get rid of it you’re gonna get rid of it and if you take out those artificial sweeteners you’re also going to retain less water so by eating a more natural diet you’re gonna get rid of that bloat which may flatten that stomach awesome last question how do I get rid of the pooch and I’m going to go back to the last question I just answered that again it depends on what that pooch is caused from if it’s caused from fat loss it’s everything I just went over if it’s caused from below water retention you got to go to an unprocessed food diet that’s key you’re going to take out added junk like artificial sweeteners added sodium lots of added sodium and processed foods and you’re going to hydrate more to get rid of that excess water also look at allergens you may have an underlying allergy to wheat to dairy to lat all kinds of things so taking a time to track what you’re eating and what makes you feel that way that will change a lot I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they were bloated and eating clean I’ve come to find out they’re chewing gum gum with artificial sweeteners that will absolutely bloat a huge amount of the population gum diet sodas all have artificial sweeteners not a fan of those take him out get rid of the bloat okay that was a lot I hope I helped you shed some light on how to get abs and a flat belly I do have a ton of workout videos on abs and a flat belly you can check them out over here turn it off the whole playlist and learn more bye


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