what’s up teams so good to see you as always today a huge subject the Holy Grail but everyone in the training world the humble hmm six to eight pack six to a I just checked Alvin it cuz graduate figure out the agrestic there oh the training world seems to be very very obsessed and wrapped up with having a six-pack let’s talk about what this six-pack is what it does how they can improve it and what we can ultimately expect so basically when we’re talking about the six-pack we’re talking about the reckless of domini basically this is the Sheep of muscles it might be like a six eight or a four pack and basically it connects your pelvis so your sternum is just just in the middle of your chest there and basically it’s job its flexion of the spine bending the spine forwards but don’t get it twisted yeah I’m going to twist it just because you have a six-pack does not mean you have a strong core or some point so before you go any further on your level train to the godly world of a six-pack you need to make a really important decision do you want a six-pack that looks great but you’re cause weak as piss or what do you want a six-pack that’s a byproduct of a nice strong functional body that’s a decision that’s so important to make yeah totally so a good way of explaining this is some people work for different grammars so a marathon runner is very very lean has have very low body fat so that might be visible but they do not necessarily have a lot of muscle mass and not many people to go to the gym with necessarily aspire to look like a marathon runner so you have a choice do you want to build lots of muscle or a decent muscle and look kind of less use of Roman god or something you know it means you want to build exit what me no not you or do you want abs just for the sake of having apps so as Leon touched on right on the intro who said six or eight fat genetically we are all very different and our app will show in different amounts so for example our knee is quite famous for having a four pack but he looks incredible so just because you can’t get all six ABS out or even eight and some people’s cases does not mean that you still can’t in a very very aesthetic that’s the bet probably the best way to explain it and exactly that it’s a case of playing To Your Strengths so say for instance that you strip the body back down because first and most important thing you need to do is reduce body fat say you’ve got to that point where you’re relatively leaning you still haven’t got visible abs don’t panic at this point and presume you’re never going to get them it might be a case of just changing the stimulus whereas John for instance naturally has a six to eight pack all year round and hate him for it whereas I I have to really work for mine to come out I have to train my core and my abs just the same as I train my chest my biceps yo-yo and my back I have to put some weight over them and some resistance and work them hard absolutely and as Leon just touched on with body fat so you need to reduce your body fat to uncover what’s below they’re a good kind of ballpark area to start seeing visible apps but guys is going to be below 15% and from my experience most people when they’re 15% still won’t see their app they might start seeing their ads around the 13 mark once you’re in 10 they should be pretty much completely out when you go supplicated that’s when veins and rosemary don’t happen yeah and for women it’s going to be 5 to 10 percent higher than that really again another that you have to make a very important decision it’s great getting those numbers down getting a 6-pack out but it is going to cause slight restrictions on your life if you want to continue looking like that all the time and also psychologically a six-pack for a lot of people becomes their confidence if your six-pack starts to fade your confidence starts to fade if your six-pack comes out you feel even stronger it’s important to really think about what it is that you want from it that’s a really really brilliant point and it’s the reason that I in the past and still have chosen not to work with people that want to compete in bodybuilding shows where they get super lean and I’ve seen it time and time again with people I know the reason that is because they get down and they go through the torture because it’s really really quick target yourself very very lean five six four percent body fat to get on bodybuilding stage that you can only ever compare yourself to that afterwards you can’t live it there you cannot live at their low body fat and not maintain a happy lifestyle it’s just too much stress on the body so when they start coming up to more normal ranges ten fifteen percent body fat whatever they kind of hold their body back a happy ray they’re completely comparing yourself to what they look like I remember when I used to love it I can’t wait to start again and it’s always always a comparison and that’s not a healthy place to be so the moment you’ve all been waiting for what are our top tips be giving you six pack your dreams yeah so quite simply the first one and the most important is energy balance you are going to have the other burn more calories expend more energy to bring your body back down whether that is eating less food doing more excite or combination of the boat and as John touched upon the second point is training training to your strengths training to your body train to your goals if you’re someone who’s like me and you have to put some resistance over the core in the ass to get them visible do that if you like John and you can concentrate on the other bits that you need to work on and your apps is just going to suddenly come peak and throw underneath your chest then work like that yeah what I would say point number three use compound lips and try and build as much muscle as possible muscle is super super important but lots of reasons one illustrate two is greater of performance three and very very importantly if you like me you like to eat a lot food the more muscle mass you have the more calories you can consume in a day and the easier it is to die because you can die on a higher amount of calories now the final point we’re going to go straight back to the start of the video and give you our honest opinion personally we don’t think a six-pack is all that if you haven’t got a strong foundation of scrimp and a strong body a functional body behind it if you want to have just purely aesthetics that is great but our opinion is work on a good base of strength first and your body will be so much more effective and functional for you absolutely so on that note we only love you to leave you if you enjoyed this video give it a big thumbs up don’t forget to come in subscribe if you haven’t and we’ll see you this time next week bye


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