motivational songs for kids

Reading motivation is the motivational drive to read, an area of interest in the field of education. Studying and implementing the conditions under which students are motivated to read is important in the process of teaching and fostering learning. Reading and writing motivation are the processes to put more effort on reading and writing activities.
Different strategies can be followed to develop a student’s motivation to read.
Integrating sensory organs with text materials. For example, when reading the word “apple”, read it loudly, visualize, feel the texture, taste, and odor.
Pronounce each word properly. Differentiate pronunciation for the purpose of spelling and for the purpose of communicating ideas.
In pronunciation, give emphasis on phonic discrimination, for example, C-A-T, C-A-N, etc.
Change from extrinsic to intrinsic reading motivation. Although incentives are a good motivator, further interest in reading will come from intrinsic wants and needs. Instead of rewarding reading with a gift, relate reading completion to increased reading competency and accomplishment.
Organize reading material in an attractive way.
For students who know how to read, but need extra encouragement, giving a book talk is a way to inspire reading. It is an especially effective tool with reluctant readers who need a hook before they will invest the energy into reading a book. Reading motivation for children can be enhanced when it is read with songs or music as later develops some imageries about the text.

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