Is It Possible To Get A 8 Pack? The TRUTH About Abs

what’s up guys around ghuman here and in this video today we are talking about abs now I’m gonna make it straight a lot of it is genetic some people are genetically gifted when it comes down to add just how some people have like more of a bicep peak in their biceps and I when it comes to abs some people have more muscles on the sides some people have more muscle generically at the front so what I would recommend when training abs is to build your abs you’re not going to create muscles that you don’t really have like toys I’m for myself I don’t really have a lot of muscle at the bottom underneath my belly button where the less some people do have more muscle underneath the belly button some people have more most alongside some people have array slim waist so a lot of it is Jeanette and one thing I recommend and I’m a huge fan of is you be just a little bit of weight to build that bit of thickness you need in your hands I mean I’m not saying go and stack the hot weight because you’re just gonna bring your waist out if you use a lot of weight fleshy on your side’s use a little bit of weight when training abs and that’s one thing I would definitely recommend now some people are just genetically gifted and have a ridiculous set some people I’ve seen even have an eight pack believe it or not now that just comes down to Jeanette so use a little bit of weight that’s something i’ll definitely recommend because i know some people that even if they drop their body pat down to single-digit they still will see a good set of abs or smiling because that is one of you could you actually own already got dancing on the jib anyway keep your head up if you know if you all want them people that don’t really generic it have a good sub abs because he working up using a little bit of weight and you will get a good tip out all right when I was about 13 or 14 I always used to think I how do some people I can you know the muscle that comes out from the growing hair policy I don’t know how to get it and that is simply genetics good training or pad and a low body but if you enjoyed this video make sure you need that thumbs up let me know how your necks perhaps do you have a ready dick UNICEF has snuck bucket stick now like some pics right there and until next time peace I


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