Extreme Weight Loss S05E08 Rachel

one person faster faster one year we’re just getting started you got 364 days when amazing transformation I’m Chris Powell I’m Heidi Powell and this is what we do you had the potential great and what you don’t get is that you still have the potential to be great seems to be different choose to change everything you got that’s right it’s the reasons walk because until you find them you want transform your oxy would be the most important year in one person’s life welcome to new life tonight on extreme weight loss meet Rachel a bubbly cheerleader turned teacher who’s traded pep rallies for a pepperoni I’m so excited to get home it’s my favorite part of my day it’s like what people say about getting home to their husband but mine is getting home to my delivery haunted by a broken heart rachel has forgotten had a cheer for herself I got screwed over by a guy and I ate myself to over 300 pounds I just feel like such a freakin loser I’m such a waste of talent a waste of human being lucky for her Chris Powell is gonna be her knight in shining armor with help from pop superstar Neil but when her old habits begin to resurface Rachel goes from star pupil to self-sabotage when things overwhelm me I eat until I’m done Ken Chris pull this former cheerleader to the top of the pyramid or will it all come crashing down I don’t want to be that person that falls on her face Oh God I’m having a hard time with this I’m sorry I don’t even know what to say like I really didn’t came into your question little it’s like just so gross it’s like not the person I ever thought and I feel bad but whenever there was like an overweight girl in dance class when I was a kid I always looked down on them and now I just look down to myself because I’m the overweight answer now my name is Rachel I’m 35 years old and I’m approximately 150 pounds overweight growing up I was really active every free moment I got I was dancing I took classes at my studio and every summer I’d put on a dance show in my garage with all the neighbor kids in high school I was on a dance team college I was on a dance team I loved dancing and moving around and doing cartwheels and just a really active kid one of my favorite things is I dance team uniform from UCLA I was on the team for three years and got to go to college football games all over the country and any cheerleader can come back for this long as they live and wear their uniform and cheer at homecoming so I you know it’s um yeah so if I can get this to fit again then I would be able to dance and cheer at the Rose Bowl I started gaining the weight when I was around 23 but you know looking back it all kind of rooted in some anxieties that started early on I grew up in a very Catholic family I love because I charge I teach at a Catholic High School I go to Mass and I knew I always felt awkward guys started hitting on me when I start getting curves and you know I really didn’t date much in high school I just danced but I really had to deal with it when I got my first boyfriend after college I was about 22 years old and I’ve met a guy at church he was kind of this like sexy Latin guy that I’d never dated before we actually went salsa dancing and he would send me flowers at work like almost every Friday I was trying to save my virginity for my husband but then it got really serious and we talked about marriage like we talked about a future it just like fell in love with him and for me it was my first time for him it wasn’t and he cheated on me and totally betrayed me you know I guess that was naive to think like I don’t know maybe that he was serious that he really loved me he made me feel so little it’s so worth it’s so like disposable food help numb things it’s like the boyfriend that won’t leave you hey guys pizza’s here hi I usually get home pretty late from work and starving so I go online order pizza and the breadsticks and the chicken and I pretend like there’s a room full of people or I’ll say something so that the delivery guy can hear it hey guys pizza’s here even though it’s all for me but I don’t want him to think that you know I was looking at my last bank statement and it’s like fast food Italian delivery Chinese food Mexican food pizza is fully $2,000 in food delivery I’m so excited to get home it’s my favorite part of my day it’s like what people say about gonna come to their husband but no mine is like getting home to my delivery it’s pretty lonely relationship though because at the end of the night I’m still sitting in my apartment by myself guys don’t ask me out maybe a guy like from high school will look me up and then we’ll go out drinking one night and end up hooking up I mean that’s the kind of thing that my last 10 years has been about I think that cheerleader that kick-ass Hall is still in there um definitely got a lot of layers of stuff that have piled on over the years I just I honestly can’t believe that this is what I look like the old Rachel was kick-ass like I was motivated and confident and energetic and alive I don’t like myself that’s for sure I just feel like such a freaking loser in such a just a waste of talent a waste of human being I need Chris Powell because I think that if he could help me and believe in me and teach me what he knows then I could get back to who I was Oh hole 1 2 3 4 5 & 6 & 7 & stop teaching dance has changed so much over the last like 13 years because as the weight comes on I do less it’s a lot more talking and coaching and like verbal commands versus actually like demonstrating all right so I’m hearing their game high school in Los Angeles right now we’re Rachael’s action coaching – dance team I’m the school mascot right now she has no idea that I’m here but I’ve got to swoop in and give her the surprise of her life their election elbow there for your knight in shining armor because Rachel I’m choosing you oh my gosh when like the mask opened up and I realized it was him like right here at Notre Dame High School I’ve been like dreaming of this moment but that one actually happens it’s like oh my gosh it just happened we read your letter and everything that you’ve wanted everything that you’ve asked for well that’s what we’re here to do is we’re here to give you that opportunity if you really want it then over the next 365 days you’re gonna make it happen okay I’m ready I’m totally ready I’m excited but I’m also so humbled that he chose me and I’m absolutely going to work my hardest I’m taking her way I hope you guys don’t mind so you’ve laid hands we’re leaving for boot camp three months in Colorado before we leave for Denver I need to know what I’m working with so time for your first LAN I had goosebumps I was tearing up even and you can just tell she wants it so bad and we’re all just so happy for her all right now girls what your coach is about to do it takes a ton of courage because I’m gonna ask her to take her shirt off and you’re gonna step on the scale in front of them and in front of America because transformation isn’t about hiding it’s not about protecting the addiction it’s about exposing it and once you bring it to light it’s not gonna control you anymore no one’s gonna judge you here right right nothing but love and unconditional support again taking my shirt off in the middle of this football field in front of all these kids who I’m supposed to be teaching them how to be fit and Dan and I’m clearly not a good example it was terrifying hi Rachel so I didn’t take that first step I do feel like I deserve this because I know what I give to things when I say yes to him I know I have the tenacity and the go-get-’em to do this so I deserve it I deserve to be happy and healthy so even do it all right Rachel you’ve a 309 pounds that’s your starting weight I don’t want to be there again it’s for sure I got good news for you coffee yeah yeah I’ll tell you straight up 90 days boot camp with me and Heidi you could lose 75 pounds how’s that sound okay if you think I can do it I can do it all right no you can do it okay we got a flight to catch what do you say all right let’s do it all right coming up carreƱo and later see how she looks after one full year the next 90 days Rachel’s gonna be going through everything that she needs to learn to transform for the rest of her life welcome to the University of Colorado Anschutz health and wellness center wow this is nice it blows my mind to think about this girl who was once a UCLA cheerleader somehow she let herself go to 309 pounds physically what have you always wanted to do but you can never do because your weight held you back I’d love to perform professionally for crowds like to feel that rush like with a hundred thousand people watching and be like I can’t even imagine I don’t know the career I could have had because I never auditioned cuz as soon as I started gaining weight it was like what’s the point I haven’t performed as a dancer in a really long time you know I mean I went the coaching route and the choreography route and that’s been great but I miss it I’d love to give it a shot again hold on emotionally what is it that you need to clear from your past uh you have to talk about this right now clearly because it’s holding you back I mean I know I have some emotional healing to do that the first intimate boyfriend I had two always screwed me over I just kind of like put the personal life on hold and figured I’ll just work really hard you know give everything to my students if you don’t have that closure you’ll never completely transform yeah cuz I’ll tell you right now if you don’t clear your past it will hold you back from your future for Rachel her whole life was being this object of beauty as being this this cheerleader being this dancer and and she was so wrapped up in that identity at the moment that she started to lose it just a little bit she let it all go it’s a lot easier to kind of put the blinders on yeah I know you paid the price for that yeah Rachel’s challenge this year is to find herself again to create her own identity to build her self-esteem and her confidence is a strong woman it’s not gonna be easy all right okay you ready I am I’m ready okay okay get some sleep all right because we’ve got a big day tomorrow oh okay first workout so it’s the night before my fight-or-flight I’m really nervous I can’t really sleep um I mean I watch the show I know that Chris breaks people down and just like just soul searching like just how I got here you know my ex-boyfriend is one person that you know if I can trace it back when I really started gaining weight it’s after that raid um and after he treated me like so poorly and made me feel like just in the past I’d looked him up and not been able to find him and tonight I finally find him any said there’s his obituary he died last summer falling to his death I died I don’t know what I feel right now cuz I’m mad I’m sad I feel sick to my stomach I’m nervous about my fight-or-flight there’s a lot my head right now Rachel bring back memories yeah lot of memories a lot of college football games so today for Rachel’s workout I want to take her back to the field I want to take her back to that place where she spent years as UCLA cheerleader you lives and you breathe and you eat and you slept this yeah you were an athlete so it’s time to get back to that okay and that’s why Rachel welcome to your fight-or-flight and one her to recapture those memories and realize it hey that that athlete that was there she’s still inside you stay on the sidelines and there to hit all corners off the corners burpees off the corners toe touches I always have that question is I like why why does she go from from being an athlete to over 309 pounds clearly rachel has a lot of emotional baggage she still hasn’t liked or believe it or not you can do faster than this I know you don’t think you can when I say you’re gonna surprise yourself you have to scare yourself first the workout was tough like he was a lot tougher than I thought come on truck yourself trust yourself do you even belong here like this is what I’m gonna ask you every single day can you deliver it take your bring it you call yourself an athlete bring that athlete discover her it’s all in your minds I could tell there was something wrong with Rachel I could tell there was something that that she needed to get out what happened I just gave up what they’re all because of him that one guy and it didn’t take long for them to happen I can’t know this influenced me in your life had a profound impact on you but he didn’t make you feel this big you years I know you know that I did Ram an eden-like stop hood you know I’ve struggled with the morality of having sex before marriage it was like I know I’m known gone rolling airing all this stuff about sex this was so hard I mean I’m trying not to be uncomfortable doesn’t matter what he thinks sorry you can’t get the closure the Union he will get that closure this here your journey nobody else’s and this is your year to take that control back he didn’t put you on the sidelines you put yourself in the sidelines pointing the finger at him for over ten years time to turn that finger around okay you put that thing your on yourself okay okay for years growing up Rachel created this identity around being this good Catholic girl and when she didn’t feel like that anymore she attached herself esteem her and her all of her confidence to what other people thought about her especially men I don’t know if he was a good person or a bad person I don’t know but I care about you this is your life and I know you are a great person and you’re gonna make a huge difference in this world that’s why you’re here right now people get dumped all the time why is it it has made me such a mess I feel like I’m just weak like I should have been able to bounce back from a bad relationship and I have it possibly is Japan that you just closed I mean I’ve like dated guys but they’re always like just treating me or me you know you don’t love yourself you don’t tell me yourself I know I know I don’t there any times I would eat I just be like I want to see a setting again you know it’s just like let’s do it let’s make myself hurt and are you doing that to protect yourself from getting your heart broken again probably it’s almost easier like when nobody hits on you know cuz it’s like but then you get lonely and oh and then you go in and I’m just like hooking up with some stupid idiot who really doesn’t deserve you which really makes me feel worse oh you’re not living right now you’re not repulsed so it’s time to turn all of that around that’s like here right now yeah I’m starving yourself and surrounding yourself with valuable people not losers you’re better than that you just need to start believing it and I don’t expect you to get it right away I know baby steps okay we’ll get you there all right she gave him her heart but along with it she gave him her identity she gave him her confidence and she gave him her self-worth when he left her she lost it all and she lost herself in the process sub you start cheering for yourself again Hagan worked on that coming up rachel solando Zayn and later some of those brought my attention and I didn’t believe it for me I’d run off the bat red flags going on but for the first time I Rachel’s transformation I’m worried so now the Rachel’s at boot camp first thing she’s got to do is medical exams we need to make sure that Rachel is physically ready for this because it’s going to be grueling we looked at your body composition okay and you turned out to be about 50% like that about the DA I’m 50% fat at this point so um some work to do you have any idea kind of how your extra body weight may be having I know it’s been my blood pressure go up when I first got here we had to do all kinds of medical testing and one of the things dr. Holly was worried about I guess was my heart which I had no idea was an issue it really freaked me out because I never thought I had any kind of heart disease the main reason I wanted you to do a stress test you’re pretty young but your father had triple vessel I pass early in his 40s and how old are you 35 35 I just kind of had a wake up call about my health because I really wanted to lose weight I guess you know for aesthetic purposes or for bit just cuz I want to look good but I got really scared that I’ve damaged my body permanently again first few weeks of boot camp have been brutal on my body not this time baby now come on Rachel come on but it’s also been really cool cuz I’ve seen already little improvements and victories mile times faster so it’s it’s cool to see progress quickly it helps me like keep the motivation you know I think it’s so important for Rachel to focus on herself one of the biggest things that she struggled with is finding value from other men in her life Rachel’s true transformation is about her loving herself I think that’s gonna be the biggest challenge for Rachel the next year gone this is gonna sound so pathetic but finding myself falling into the same pattern I’m here in Colorado and any a guy at a gym and he gets my number and I’m like so excited because someone’s interested in me so much of my worth is determined on whether or not he texts back or if he wants to come to see me and I’m mad at myself that I’m falling into the same pattern because I deserve more I’m starting to think or realize or believe I deserve more all right rich what good luck so today we’re gonna do a warrior – and this is something that rachel has never done for years rachel has gotten all of her value from what men think about her I want to see her realize that she can get all of her value in giving her best effort this it was I was a little nervous at home a lot of my girlfriends are really fit and they like to do adventurous outings like my Bruns and I’ve always kind of been that the fat girl trying to keep up all the training that we’ve been doing it’s gonna just translate it to what we’re doing here okay honestly when we first started running he kind of set a quicker pace we got this ratio high you got this I hate how fatigued thank you I was a little worried that I wasn’t in as good a shape as I thought now walking shuffles are a little disappointed myself I really struggled mostly when we got to the just longer running parts keepin short stuff we’re not ten minutes into the race and she’s struggling I mean the air is thin up here it’s 10,000 feet in elevation and so she’s huffing and puffing I see Rachel starting to defeat herself mentally just slow your breathing alright there was a part of me that really wanted to impress Chris I didn’t want to disappoint him and him think woohoo I thought she could do this and she’s still weak okay I can lift a lot alright one of the dreams I had was to be able to finally do these fun active things like a mud run you got Ricky I thought oh I hope I can like pull myself up and then the muscles were there okay I’m getting stronger when Rachel can overcome the wall that’s when the switch got flipped her performance about through the roof she started running faster she started climbing faster I was at all yeah she started having fun while she was doing it because she wasn’t trying to do it to impress me anymore she realized I’m just there to support her and to be her friend and all she has to do is pick herself back up put one foot in front of the other oh I finished the race that’s it and that’s exactly what she did I’m freaking proud I’m feeling good about myself the first time in a long time and I think saying it how it is it’s nice to acknowledge Rachel today I’ve got something really special lined up for Rachel meeting Rocco was pretty cool I was pretty excited excited I didn’t know that’s what was gonna happen I just walked into the grocery store and there he was so we’re here because she’s on the road all day long she comes back she’s exhausted she sleeps she wake up she does it all over again more than anything today we’re looking to teach her how to shop fast yeah sure make fast meals okay cool awesome yeah a lot of people use the excuse don’t have time to shop but if you have a plan you walk in and you just buy what you need to prepare menus that are already laid out B probably gonna accomplish lot in very little time so if you’re gonna buys for the week what you need to do is pick two or three unripe ones those are ones that are firm do you put them in the fridge are you never refrigerator gothis you want about four ounces of protein per portion divide some fish for today and tomorrow and three or four days fish will be not so good anymore so plan to eat meat in those days okay pretty much shop the perimeter which I’ve heard is a good thing to do you don’t need the middle really do you like Turkey ideally turkey and chicken awesome turkey and chicken so I happen to like Turkey a little bit more than chicken because it’s high in protein low in fat tastes better okay let’s find some turkey I guess when I go to the store I get sidetracked it’s like oh look at this oh look at that you know what’s your favorite type of sauce I like ranch I’m gonna change your ranch world forever one of the things that she loves very much is pizza dipped in ranch dressing you know ranch is usually made with sour cream mayonnaise that having could you open that up for me who’s heard of such a thing pizza dipped in ranch tell me that that’s a real thing one of you people out there so it turns out that free Greek yogurt and juice tastes just like sour cream I showed her how to make an alternative that is a fraction of the calories in fat well three-way chairs just got here that’s a great step and they’re really good mmm thank you okay you’re right just because I’m eating healthy doesn’t mean us tastes like crap hey how are you I’m good I’m good hi yeah there’s something I wanted to talk to you about some time at boot camp Rachel end up meeting some guy hey some of those brought to my attention just a couple weeks ago and I I didn’t believe it okay until somebody sent me this okay it was brought to my attention that sometime at boot camp Rachel ends up meeting some guy some of those brought to my attention just a couple weeks ago and I I didn’t believe it okay until somebody sent me this okay so that’s me right there mm-hmm okay bye kiss yeah you don’t have to answer any of these questions but are you guys serious I met him when I first got here we came up when I was three or nine pounds and he’s still like asked for my phone oh right no she told me in her letter that she’s longing for a deep and meaningful relationship but I don’t see much that’s deep and meaningful especially when she’s gonna be at boot camp for 90 days and then leave is he planning on moving to California with her are they gonna pursue a long-distance relationship doesn’t seem that way honestly if you it said like at the beginning of boot camp like don’t have anybody over we don’t want you like seeing anybody romantically I would have been like okay I know it’s not going anywhere cuz I’m going home and his life is here and that’s when I had to stop her I was like what wait a second isn’t this everything that you don’t want to be moving forward isn’t this who you said you didn’t want to be in your letter to me I wanted to make sure that you’re finding that value in yourself and especially when I hear that okay well I know it’s not gonna be a long-term thing for me it sounds like hooking up but I know that’s something that you’ve been trying to get away from again longest time she’s looking demand to make her feel confident that she should be growing from within we spent so much time at boot camp and it seems like we’ve made so much progress and now I’m finding her reverting back to those old patterns those old habits you know like I’m invested in this year 100% and I don’t want to make the same mistakes well you wear those all kind of have it status yeah yeah we don’t want to talk about travel together I don’t spawn that job that’s up you’re gonna get a lot of attention I need to like push it on my head because I can’t have distractions here so sorry dude like you’re not worth it first half of bootcamp it was very out of shape clearly a lot of it was just about getting used to working out every day and trying to not sweat it’s like get through the workouts basically but the second half of bootcamp I felt like I was hitting my stride and I was actually like becoming a little bit of a badass after confronting Rachel about her visitor she is 100% committed to this program all right here we go is it the greatest and ian’s so today I want to show her how much she can accomplish when she believes in herself pretty keen for the top huh I didn’t think that there was Han dudes in Colorado it looks like Death Valley National Park and actually you look one way and it’s like all these trees and forests then you look the other way and it’s all this sand come on Rachel you got this down come on that’s it dingoes didn’t that whatever 10 minutes getting up that dune I was panting and gasping and I think I was inhaling fan do come on get off me come on now it was like feels like running like this it was windy and the sand was like blowing in my eyes and in my mouth and I was inhaling it and at one point I thought there’s no way we’re gonna get up cuz every time I took three steps forward I fell back for your thing together now you’re good don’t do it come on sister let’s see physically Rachel can accomplish anything she sets her mind to she’s one of the most athletic women I’ve ever trained we’re almost there let’s go want to dig up a loose gig and now that she believes in herself sky’s the limit you know you’re losing weight when you can do this with your hands come on make those ropes dance come on here yo not this come on Rachel come on the biggest change probably been my level of energy just being alive pick the bottle up pipe forward pop it up elbows forward toward me beautiful I know I’m leaving boot camp with zero regrets I really put 110 percent every day being chosen by Chris and given this opportunity and we’re gonna put this munch like faith in me made me just feel like I matter I’m I’m worth something I’m proud of myself and I deserve this and it feels really good coming into Rachel’s 90-day weigh-in I’m not worried I’m not even nervous I honestly Rachel has done so well and when it comes to diet when it comes to exercise when it comes to just embracing this process with enthusiasm she’s done it all you have given your blood sweat and tears to this process over the last 90 days and look where it got you yeah that’s why I want to see what this number is okay let’s do it I’ve had dream clients before that have seemed to do everything right and have still missed their goals so I mean anything really can’t happen hi Rachel take a look at this 90 days ago when you stepped on the scale you weighed in at 309 pounds I gave you the goal to lose 75 pounds over the last 90 days so today when you step on the scale if it says 234 pounds or less yeah your goal okay you ready yeah money go ahead step up on the scale stepping on the scale for my 90-day way and I knew I wanted to see at least one in 34 pounds but I wanted to beat my goal by at least 5 pounds if not more these last three weeks I really just had it in my sights that I wanted to knock the goal on the park so I was confident anxious excited to see what it said today when you step on the scale if it says 234 pounds or less you hit your goal you ready yeah ready go ahead and step up on the scale stepping on the scale for my 90-day weigh-in I wanted to beat my goal by at least five pounds if not more I was confident anxious excited to see what it said I truly was so excited you know when I saw the number I knew what I wanted and then it was better than what I wanted I’m a little embarrassed that maybe I got to say hey I’m a little embarrassed honestly when was the last time you were 224 pounds I mean almost ten years what so it’s been a long time but it’s been a really long time since I felt this good yes you’re losing the weight but you’re keeping promises to yourself yeah you’re opening up your you’re talking about things and you’re addressing things that you never thought you would before so you’re unloading all of that emotional weight you’ve carried around for years I know it feels good Rachel’s done so well when it comes to diet when it comes to exercise when it comes to just embracing this process with enthusiasm she’s done it all it’s not about Rachel losing the weight because she’s got that part down but can she really changes a person I think that’s gonna be the biggest challenge for regional in phase two how excited are you to be out there on the field dancing with the girls I have a surprise for them oh do you I do I do this should be interesting I’m excited to get home and go back to work and be this dance teacher that I’ve always wanted to be and maybe I kind of started out as but if I did I lost it real quick got a big day tomorrow I know more workouts well you’re heading home oh yeah do we work out before we go of course for work out before we go home the last 90 days with Rachel have been absolutely amazing oh she has surpassed all of our expectations and she’s gone above and beyond with everything that she’s done you look incredible thank you I don’t know you feel as good as you oh my gosh I feel amazing and even just being able to wear like regular mall clothes it’s like so exciting those are skinny jeans these are skinny jeans which I never thought I can wear yet another victory yes so let’s talk about your face.you goal okay in the next three months six-month mark I want you to be 180 pounds okay it’s gonna be 44 pounds I haven’t been 180 since maybe 22 23 years old I’ll be honest with you as soon as you leave here the real battle begins yeah you know I know how much I’ve changed but I know that it’s only been three months so everything back home is still the same and so I’m hoping that I can like incorporate my new lifestyle and do something it’s pretty much probably the same as what I left so in three months all right to be your six-month milestone uh-huh I know how much you love to dance yes so I got a buddy he’s a really good dancer he might know his name Neil oh my gosh me I was gonna be a part of your six-month miles when Chris told me I might have the chance to dance with me oh I definitely got a little flutter in my stomach no I why don’t know and like you know I’m gonna have to start getting into some hip-hop classes and getting my fitness up my stamina up because if I’m gonna dance next to him I have to we’re a good team but now you’re on your own I’m gonna see him through months okay sounds good all right saying goodbye to Chris it was bittersweet I’ve been really excited to come home but I did get choked up saying goodbye to him because boot camp was overall really positive experience I mean I hit my goal I worked super hard I got close to him and Heidi and I felt a lot of support and love and I’m just hoping I can feel that same way at home and be a successful I am so ready to be a better example for my students now I’m truly a better example of a healthy woman especially teenage girls a lot of body image issues and I want to keep them what I know about nutrition and exercise and really help them grow into healthy and woman bring it on when I stop Rachel walking through a curtain I just was so filled with joy and prayer and Thanksgiving I saw the joy that just rose from her toes all the way through into her eyes Mehring marching band and seeing all those people scream just reminded me of when I would run out onto the field at the Rose Bowl at UCLA when I was the cheerleader they’re so proud I feel pretty feel confident it’s good I’m so excited for coach Paul to come back I know she’s going to do great and we’re going to be your support system here we’ll all be here for her we’re just so happy for her I’ve lost 85 pounds my mom’s face was I’ve never seen her like that I mean she was like eyes she wanted to cry but then she was getting all like twisted up I will never forget that face I’ve learned so much about nutrition so much about exercise and finding things I’m good at and like I said like finding a fire inside of me that I’m used to just giving to the girls which I love but now I have it like also for myself and my own happiness and I’ve been really unhappy for a long time and Notre Dame and like these girls have been a ray of light over the last 12 years so I’m so grateful to be back here for my reveal I’m excited to teach dance the way I used to you thought I pushed you last year that was okay so get ready to do some her this reveal was seriously one of the best days of my life it was exactly what I needed and more than I could have imagined to come home to it just helps to know that we’re in this together I felt their support so let’s do this together moving on I’ve been home for a few days and I’m excited to get back to work and you know see my students and share with them what I’ve learned Hey are you ready for practice we always stretch together and I always used to stretch with them when I was overweight but it’s a lot easier now and then obviously I’m trying to incorporate more strengthening exercises well we warm up and stretch and so I was a little surprised that some of them were struggling if I’m in this place and y’all are then you do burpees I want them to sweat and I want them to come out of each class feeling at least a little bit of what I would feel after a workout with Chris so I want you guys to actually go get in uniform so we can work on her dance and you can see what it’s gonna look like it’s a game all right so change I sent my students away to go change in their uniforms so that when they came back I could you know see the fight song in uniform and I had a little bit of surprise for them hey girls in the first hour of extreme weight loss Chris chose Rachel no further a former UCLA cheerleader who lost her spirit after a failed relationship he made me feel so worthless and so like disposable food help numb things it’s like the boyfriend that won’t leave you Rachel lost 85 pounds in the first 90 days and returned home as the teacher she always wanted to be in the next hour Chris and Liz popstar Neil to teach this former dancer some new moves I do not remember the last time I felt that good or sexy or confident dancing but when Rachel’s food addiction resurfaces it threatens to destroy all the progress she’s made right here healing it and like why am i messing it all up I sent my students to go change in their uniforms and I had a little bit of surprise for them hey girl honestly I expected them to maybe scream or jump on me but they mostly just kind of looked like they were in disbelief I’m fairly uniform in 1314 years it felt really good to be in a cheer uniform with my students healthy and toned I mean they would say Oh coach your legs are so toned I can’t believe you know how did they get that way and I said a lot of running and they wanted to know what I had done they want to do more of it I’m back get ready for a great season I can’t wait to teach you guys everything I’ve been learning and we’re gonna kill it and they want to be like me I mean that felt really good you guys are my little pug partners in this right so face 200 pastries mystery I feel confident but I’m also trying to be realistic I don’t want to be naive to the fact that real life is gonna get tough just finish my first hour doctor do ii got a good sweat going on burning calories i started the day at 5:30 at the gym with my trainer i have so much energy these days i’m probably in better shape than I’ve been in a really long time my six-month milestone is dancing with me oh and I’m definitely freaking out because I mean I’m getting in good shape I’m working out of the day but being in dancing shape is totally different so I just finished day 2 of masters Parthians workshop at Cal State Long Beach guess who on hardest-working I did I’m going at UCLA I’m outside of the Rose Bowl I’m in my old uniform and I’m about to cheer on the field in front of 90,000 people just filled Alkaid and I’m here in univille mother of all yes I should scratch on the occasion of you cheering at the first homecoming epsilon dime we will you new jeans that are a size 10 I can’t wait to put them on I think I want to stick the like 10 10 10 sticker on my forehead so I just pointed it in at 197 this morning I’m in Wonderland and really excited about it which means I’ve lost 105 pounds and this stupid chair with max it weighs 112 pounds which means when I used to rock up these stairs every day at work I get winded I was basically carrying that story to practice that so this is what I used to do every day and now when I get to the top I get to put her down please do weird around this is about how I felt top usually maybe on a ride but now yeah here we have her thank you they really love this food I have of my own Mastiff plate everything was going really great until got to Thanksgiving holiday with a lot of food and that’s just when things really start to fall apart I’m a food addict food is highly addictive and I am going to fight this every day for the rest of my life I get really scared that I’m not good enough and when things overwhelm me I eat until I’m numb and I’ve pretty much eaten junk food for three days I don’t want this for myself like I don’t want a life of obesity and I don’t want to be weak and I don’t want to be that person that falls on her face it goes back in old habit Oh stressed out emotional obviously I want to hit my goal I’m afraid of not I’m afraid I’m not gonna hit it even though I feel like this shoe is way harder than phase 1 my head is what messes with me the most and I guess not only today am I like hoping I get my goal but I’m just thinking like what do I look like an idiot tomorrow I’m here in Venice Beach California to see Rachel first 6-month weigh in oh my gosh and this beautiful woman starts running up on a bike and I’m thinking is that Rachel phase two appears to be really good for you she looked amazing anyway oh what a difference three months makes because clearly she’s put in some work I mean clearly you look different but how was phase 2 phase 2 was not as easy as I was hoping I mean you kept saying it was gonna be really hard and I was trying to prepare myself but it’s definitely had like some super high highs and some super low lows I have been struggling with binge eating the workouts I love and I have been really great at them but I have not been perfect with my nutrition I have a major problem with binging when I get really emotional and I get overwhelmed I want to just eat everything I can until I’m numb until until I feel sick to my stomach and I don’t feel anymore or I have just binge to the point of illness because that’s what I’m always done I don’t want to be the bad kid and I don’t want to disappoint you I will never be disappointed so many people come into this process of transformation thinking oh you know it’s gonna be the diet the exercise you know it’s gonna be tough I’m not sure if I can do it that’s the easy part the most difficult part is the self-reflection and really finding out the reasons why I’m proud of just being honest and I’m honored the fact you actually feel safe enough to tell me because if you felt like you couldn’t tell me because I’d be that disappointed in you you tell me you would keep it a secret it would hurt you that much more yeah that kind of reflection is difficult it is when sets us free we’re all human again we’re all in this together and I mean this wholeheartedly I don’t expect you to be perfect you’re gonna fall on your face hundreds of times for the rest of your life as long as you can just keep getting yourself back up and keep moving forward then you’re gonna win in the long run obviously worried because I think this goal is gonna be close and I hope I didn’t mess it up well there’s only one way to find that ready to step on the scale yes as I’m about to step on the scale the back of my mind I’m thinking about those five binges you know those are calories in that we’re not necessary 90 days ago when he stepped on the scale you weighed in at 224 pounds and I gave you the goal to lose 44 pounds over the last three months so today when you step on the scale it says 180 pounds or less you hit your goal he came you ready alright go ahead and set up on the scale definitely learn that to have an impulse control problem slash addiction with food I really want to hate this goal I want to hit every goals Chris that’s for me this year and yet I’m just like Bob he’s like I hope I didn’t mess things up I’m nervous I knew it was gonna be fun are you good unbelievable Rachel’s is so dialed in even slipping up a handful of times she still hit a goal yester passed it by pound I lost 45 pounds in three months eight days – that’s the hardest phase for everybody oh my god it was even hard for you yeah yeah it was I’m so proud of her not just for the weight loss but because of the leaps and bounds she took in her own transformation over the last three months for being open and authentic and confessing all the struggles that she’s had that’s huge so let’s talk about phase three right now you’re a 42 percent of your original body weight lost that’s crazy so let’s get you as close to 50% as possible because when I walk you into that skin surgeon I don’t want to give him the option to say no right it’s very important that I qualify I don’t want to have pounds of skin hanging off me because that you can’t lose without help of a doctor so tomorrow’s a huge day this is your six-month milestone I know I mean this is new he’s a pop megastar and he’s one of the best dance artists out there I know and I expect you to impress him I know I hope so I’m not I’m really nervous I’m not gonna lie but I’m feeling you’re gonna do just fine that’s gonna be a big day yeah I’m excited the finish line is right there and I want Ken removal surgery I want to feel like I’m not nervous every time I step on the scale the doctor’s office like how cool would it be to walk in and be like yeah that’s what I weigh I don’t even remember what that feels like it’s been so long so today’s today my six-month milestone here we are no nervous yeah I’m just really excited to see what we’re gonna be doing I know I’m gonna be dancing I believe I’m meeting leo I mean it’s gonna be so cool yeah you ready yeah hey take a deep breath okay here we go it didn’t seem real the thought of even like trying to dance somewhat professionally was like a major recording artists seemed really really scary my name is neo I am a multi-platinum three-time Grammy award-winning singer songwriter and producer I don’t like to brag well first I told me all about you and your journey I mean the package you’ve lost 130 pounds down yeah rest Congrats he knows that you’re a dancer as well and you’re history not once a dancer always a dancer don’t say was you are a dancer yeah you know that yeah coming into the challenge I knew that she was a dancer I knew that you know she had let herself going that she was on her way back I know that she was doing fantastic as far as the weight loss and I Kris told me to set up a challenge for her so I had him bring her on by see what she could do yeah this wouldn’t be a milestone without some kind of challenge so Mia and I were talking and your challenge today is to learn the choreography to this whole dance okay my biggest concern is that Rachel still think she’s 309 pounds in her head she hasn’t gotten used to this new body yet I know she’s making incredible progress but I want her to be able to express herself I wonder if you get out there and dance and have fun um we go don’t do any poses you want on those don’t don’t don’t don’t it was more about like me relaxing and finding the old confidence and and and feeling the music and dancing than it was until I getting the steps there was one part that was like really embarrassing I looked over and Chris Powell was trying to dance as Rachel starts dancing she’s she’s feeling it starts coming up so something’s bubbling up inside of me and I just can’t stop it and I think Nia was impressed Chris great guy don’t dance please it’s weird I don’t get it because Heidi never lets me dance in public but I’ve gotten loose like I can definitely feel like I kind of got rhythm and I get creative I can come up with all kinds of stuff like that you know she was amazing she really came in here and captured the essence of the choreography that’s what I think was so alright ready Joel time is up ready to put it all together take it from the top yes definitely right yeah ready let’s do it right when Chris said rehearsals over it’s time to do it with you I was like ready I do not remember the last time I felt that good or sexy or confident dancer whoa at first I was a little worried about your confidence level but the second music started it was it was that where he went away absolutely I mean I was sad it was over we had ran it the last time you know and we’re all saying our goodbyes okay so check this out so I have a show that I’m doing in February Valentine’s Day and I would love for you to be my I love you to be my guest he invited me to this concert in February so I’m really excited about that yeah thanks you’re not a problem I promise thank you proud of amazing do the show okay yeah come on all right okay I know that was fun to just go for it I mean it was it reminded me of the good old days what come on lose I know gotta help me Chris do not dance Heidi do not let him dance coming up zap it’s delivery now are you messing it all up I want to be like the poster child for season five and I’m having the hardest time like controlling my binges Phase three started off great I really hit the ground running I did a circuit training fundraiser event to raise funds for cancer research I did a mud run and then Chris that me to Arizona to me dr. Barletta to get a console on my team we assess your smile and we feel the set of new veneers will benefit you the most and give you a smile that you’ll be happy with great then of course there was the neocon sir I’m outside the forum it was just so anything in there speak with him beforehand and he totally gave me like the longest hug and spun me around he’s like oh my game queen and it was just so cool and I had all this amazing food and drink my own mother after the concert I started falling into my bad habit I did not be talking to Rachel over the past few months she hasn’t been doing well she hasn’t been completely clear with us about all of her struggles and that’s why I want to see what’s really going on so how do you know you’re gonna send a private investigator out just to keep an eye on her for a day or two because we need to see what’s really happening is until we know all of the truth we can’t help her that pizza delivery man no it is are you kidding me we say never ever ever bring those foods into your home but now it’s finally starting to make sense there’s reason why her weigh-ins they haven’t been coming in good at all over the last few weeks would you reach out to her because I think she feels like she always has to please me and I’m afraid that she would not come clean to me about this I’m happy to call her like someone has got to talk to her and figure out what’s going on I get I’ve had to struggle with an eating disorder for ten years of my life and it’s something that needs to be taken seriously and she needs support to get through these food issues and I really do feel like I can help her through it yeah we help you walk well basically I’ve lost zero I’m in fact I’m up I’m up one yeah yeah I’m getting insane great yeah you can’t keep suppressing all of these behaviors that you’re experiencing there are going to be more times like this where you feel like you just want to give up because you’re frustrated if things aren’t working but the reality is you’re looking at it I got doesn’t go away I have been there I know what that’s like I know what it feels like to be in a place so dark that you never feel like you’re gonna get out like why am i messing it all up you know like here I was like killing it and and I just and I’m having the hardest time like controlling my like my binges remember be chorionic until you realize and accept that you’ll never be on top of your game I think the biggest bit of advice I can give you right now is take it one day at a time even after talking to Heidi I’m still struggling a lot with my food addiction but I’m seeing my therapist and you know it’s a long road to recovery I just have to remember that now I’m finally back on track nutrition wise we are me a little sunshine just know that from to our circuitry me made my smoothie so the work I’m putting into the gym is finally making some progress I’m really looking forward to seeing Chris and Heidi number I’m gonna put on a happy face because I know it’ll be fun to see them but for a guy I feel like this weigh-in is gonna be big different life today’s the day of the nine-month weigh-in and while I haven’t seen Rachel I seen the surveillance footage and it’s not good so I don’t have high hopes Rachel looks good she does I mean she looks incredible at the six-month mark oh my gosh your teeth look incredible thank you talk about a lot of is the best isn’t he yeah I mean yeah I had braces my teeth were straight but I hated the shape of my teeth and now I just feel like I want to smile all the time they’re white or straight they’re perfect a lot happened phase 3 you know of course with neo and the Keith and all that stuff but tell us what phase he was really like for you phase 3 was a roller coaster I mean one in two I felt really confident very strong 99 to 95 percent on track phase three it was like we saw the surveillance videos we knew what was happening I have to say I am so proud of you for opening up about this yeah I’m just so glad that she and Heidi had been able to create a relationship over the phone because now that they can see each other and work together in person I really think that we could help Rachel when I finally understood that like it’s a chemical reaction in your brain that makes addicts want that high and whether it’s cigarette or gambling or food or whatever you’re just craving that and so it’s like okay it’s science I was just a person dealing with like a scientific thing that happens to many people exactly she never liked something that a lot of people go it’s so much better you messed up now and you realized hey you’re human just like the rest of us and without perfect you’re gonna mess up a lot of times so it’s about picking yourself back up confessing reassessing recommitted I’m just getting ready back on track I guess I didn’t realize how much power food had over me you know you just figured like I got picked by Chris Powell like everything’s fixed now is the golden ticket you know no life is perfect now and that’s not true at all you know life is still hard and in fact it’s even harder because now I’m really trying to space things that I’ve ignored we are here for the 9-month playing tonight’s the night okay okay just a little bear sounds good nice face reek was a roller coaster I was falling into old habits like with the stress of life and I was letting my emotions get the best of me and I was turning to food and stuff and binging and out of control at times when I didn’t realize when I was doing until it was over and so going into my nine-month weigh-in I’m absolutely nervous that my phase 3 struggles well in keep my chances of qualifying for surgery 3 months ago when you stepped on the scale you weighed in at 179 pounds I told you to get as close to 50% as possible laughter he was 155 pounds so tonight when you step on the scale if it says 155 pounds or less well just gonna increase your chances that much more okay I didn’t step up on the scale I’m about to sit on the scale I mean I know I’m not half I know I’m not 155 and probably 20 pounds up from that until you’ve a 172 pounds right now so that means in Phase three you lost seven pounds I know I could have done more so I wish I knew if that number could be lower but nevertheless you’ve lost forty four point three percent of your original body mate yeah that’s great if that number was higher it’s just gonna increase your chance of getting the surgery that much more yeah perfectionist Rachel this isn’t what you imagined your nine-month Wayne was gonna be like right now I wanted to be like I never know like hey she went for a done deal what happens when you try to be the perfect for too long I know it’s not it’s not feasible no it’s not in the first six months Rachel lost 130 pounds in the last three months she lost seven so yeah while she looks good while she’s made incredible progress I’m conflicted about taking her in to see the surgeon because either she does paula pfeiffer surgery she’s gonna be laid out for eight weeks there’s a whole new slew of issues and struggles ahead I don’t know if she’s ready for another huge life change you look nervous I am can you hear my heart today say Chris is taking in for Skin surgery consult because I worry that I haven’t done enough and that um that I’m gonna be you know and then I’m gonna regret when my struggles in phase 3 there she is okay don’t good to see you Rachel to meet you thank you sucks to look back and go you know crap I could I’ve been stronger I hope I wish I could have been stronger this is where when I was to be super fat it was I’m gonna have Santa Claus look if I don’t qualify for Skin surgery right now I will be very disappointed this feels mostly like skin not a great excess of fat okay I’m looking at a particular body configuration and what your concerns are I think would make you a great candidate for skin reduction surgery it all up put your hands together for the new today’s the day of Rachel’s surgery and it’s so hard to believe that nine months have gone by it’s absolutely fantastic what you’ve done we are just so pleased so proud how paddling with your little girl Gary I hope you feel the blessings because I just we’re so filled with Thanksgiving for you guys seeing my parents there I know how proud they are of me and it means a lot to have them here and have miss pardon me okay we’re ready to go back to the operating room bye guys time sweetie we seen two sites Rachael we’ve seen her – amazing we’ve seen her just Rock six months of transformation and we seen his struggle through some really dark places over the last three months the only thing is though the next three months are gonna be the most difficult of her journey okay in three months at the finale I will be the strongest healthiest I have been in my whole life I used to feel helpless for a long time there was like no hope for my future I was a lost cause and it’s been a die alone and I’m happy and now I feel like the world is full of possibilities just not how I felt what’s up whose very situations she’s on her way here right now and I promise you she does not look like that anymore she was so broken who felt so worthless she’s so different now she’s so full of life you know when she was younger she was athletic she was beautiful she was smart she was popular she was a cheerleader she had her morals and she had her values and she prided herself on that she was confident she had self-esteem she had it all she fell in love but he got her to compromise her morals and shortly after that he left her and for Rachel for the first time in her life she was brokenhearted not knowing how to heal from that she thought I’m in a Sikh connection from all these other people because maybe they can help me feel worthy so she’s looking for worthiness everywhere else except within and that went on for years and broken heart after broken heart disappointment after disappointment she finally reached a point she said you know what I need to protect myself from all of this birth and all this shame so she ended up eating herself to over 300 pounds and she built this protective layer around her he just needed to learn how to love herself again not to search for worthiness and other people and it was amazing because when she began boot camp she was a juggernaut and it was so cool because she was realizing that she is worthy of this she was worthy of love she’s strong and she crushed it and she was a dream for me and my wife Heidi and it was so amazing because we just saw her blossom after 90 days we sent her home and she continued to do well at home you know she’s got such an amazing support system but once they three came around she realized that she was still in the grips of a very severe eating disorder and she was a food addict and so yes while she wasn’t looking for that connection with other people anymore she’s still tiger for eating through her emotions she realized that hey this is a problem that she’s gonna need to deal with and she’s gonna struggle with for the rest of her life but as long as she has that understanding she can control it and so over the last couple months she has come to grips with that and it’s been such an amazing journey for her so with that being said she’s ready to see Rachel ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for the new Rachel ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for the new Rachel so let’s talk about your new you did a lot this year yeah you realize a lot about your something you discovered yourself it’s been a battle you know you’re like gosh like 13 years pretty much the missing ingredient was that I just wasn’t like really changing on the inside and as much as I thought you were gonna teach me about how to work out really hard and how to eat well which you did but if anything it was such a bonus to realize like how much I learned from you and Heidi about self-love and about like being totally honest even when it’s like so embarrassing keeping it back and hiding and like not telling people what I was really struggling with this hell how I kept eating back you know who was I really kidding like oh I got this I got this you know but it was like I don’t have this I said so many times I wanted to be like his perfect transformation like I never messed up I ain’t perfect every week I did every workout perfectly and like can’t do that for 52 weeks like eventually the things that got you there are gonna come back to haunt you and so I just kept being really honest and then going to therapy helped and like so much and I feel like you know myself a lot better and I actually like really kind of like myself a lot I love your claws so I know my flaws and I okay with him I’ll let the rest of your life you’re gonna fall on your face that was more times so am I so are each and every one of you we’re all gonna mess up yeah welcome to the club okay welcome to welcome to being human yeah that’s where it’s all about so what do you say step on the scale all righty do we see how to do it okay ready I’m ready all right Rachel standard back of the scale now Rachel one year ago when you stepped on the scale you’re journeyed again at 309 pounds when you qualified for surgery you were 172 pounds you ready to see where you’re at tonight all right Rachel take a deep breath and take your final step onto the stage they don’t like myself that’s for sure I just feel like such a freakin loser waste of talent a waste of human being I’m a food addict it’s like the boyfriend that won’t leave you all because of him that one guy this is your your to take control back put you on the sidelines you put yourself in the sidelines yeah I used to feel there was like no hope for my future I was a lost cause it’s gonna die alone and you got this damn come on all hostilities Rachel one year ago when you stepped on the scale your journey began at 309 pounds you ready to see where you’re at tonight yeah all right Rachel take a deep breath and take your final step onto stick you that’s exciting near 164 pounds she lost 145 pounds crazy it’s more than I’m sure any of us would and I just I can’t believe she literally lost a person that’s about her weight I’m thinking when she graduated from high school to go back and to see the young woman there today we have our daughter back how’s it feel I thought I was a lost cause I got 36 my ship has sailed I’m never getting married marina babies like all those all my friends did that already I’m just gonna like you know grow old and just get better and just you know give all my energy to my students which I love doing but I feel like I’m I can be a better mom now and I feel like I can be a better wife because I had myself figured out and I can love somebody now you know I think having gotten to know you over the last year you are a catch such a wonderful place now in you being you you can pick a juice and anyway ever be so lucky to have you in his life your journey isn’t over and a huge part of your continued transformation is paying it forward so now I want to give you the opportunity to change somebody else’s life here is a one-week scholarship to destination boot camp at the Anschutz health and wellness center you can give this to anybody who you feel is ready to take that step in their transformation there’s one person that I love dearly and I know that you would like to probably lose a little weight that’s my dad getting a scholarship was one of the most loving gifts that I’ve ever received from her and she’s been very generous and loving and I was absolutely flattered we are excited about knowing what we can do as seniors to be the healthiest we can be ladies and gentlemen the new Rachel I can’t believe this is over it’s like flew by and yet so much has happened like I think about 365 days it kind of feels like a thousand days you know cos each day was like a really bad a lot of memories yeah I mean it’s like sad I’m excited but it’s gonna be weird not seeing you guys thank you guys because work thank you from the bottom of my heart for just II like the most amazing people you guys are like truly so caring and so nurturing and we put your heart and soul into each person and you guys are like blessings you’re angels like on earth and the world is a better place because of you – thank you Rachel I am so out of you you said you were gonna do it 365 days ago and you did it and you look amazing and you’re finally healthy and you’re finally in a body that serves your career and will allow you to hopefully start a family and I love you and I’m so proud of you because you did it I can’t believe that was me I remembered saying that to the camera and wanting this moment like so bad and I did it and I’d swore than I could have expected armie hammer on a new kimmel later tonight on the next extreme weight loss we follow two different stories of transformation panda is a camp counselor who feels more at home in his cabin than with the adoptive family that raised him and John a former pro football player ready to make a play for his life with the help of super star running back LeSean McCoy one-time finished in record time the other may not finish at all on the next extreme weight loss


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