Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Season 03 Episode 05 Jami

one person one year faster-faster-faster one amazing transformation my name’s Chris Powell and this is what I did going time to wake up time to start living what you’re about to see will be the most important year in one person’s life you can choose to die something tells me you want more tonight on extreme weight loss news Jamie an adopted child who is always dreamed of reconnecting with her birth mom but shame over her weight holds are bad I feel worthless all the time I don’t want to meet her and feel this way luckily Chris Powell is going to help her change her life how about you want to love yourself but Chris has never met anyone so broken you can come back from that right he’ll have to change his strategy my job right now is gonna be getting you to eat as many calories as I can and keeping ladder to Jake if she’s even gonna make it to her final weigh-in this is totally an expansion all leading up to an emotional reunion 27 years in the make no but once I win over are you can you look at him do you need me to well no I had a really hard time looking at myself in the mirror I liken it to like you wouldn’t stop to stare and admire a piece of trash so why would I want to look in the mirror like I already know I’m ugly so I don’t want to look at something that I know it’s disgusting I would love to get healthy and have my psoriasis be cleared up every year you are the worst is rice this is I haven’t done anything until now because I haven’t felt like I mattered enough to do it like I feel I carry all my failures so it’s all right here I wish this wasn’t my body my name is Jamie I am 28 years old and I am 165 pounds overweight can you sit with you I am a residence director for an intensive bellies making sure they get up in the morning and get over to school to dance I eat all my meals with them to make sure that they are making healthy choices no problem I would love to my kids are like the definition of active they are working out six to seven hours a day there is a lot of discussion about making sure that you take care of your body which just seems really ironic to me that I can dispense that and not really accept that my biggest hope is I would like to go back to school and get my doctorate so that’s like my big future goal I want to be my mom so I’m I was born in South iago Chile in 1983 and I was raised by my biological mom till I was two-and-a-half um she couldn’t raise me anymore actually and we were homeless and living on the street and so she went to a nuns home and then she kind of realized that she couldn’t do it anymore and so she gave me up roxanna my mother and Joey would lay with me every night and just tell me like I was going to another mother it was gonna take care of me and love me and you know pee my mom but she would always be in my heart Lin adopted me when I was two and we don’t have a strong relationship she has no interest in becoming a better person and she’s just not willing to open up about her own life I think my mom being lesbians and not wanting the world to know I think I lived in her chain and her guilt so I struggled to understand like where some of her sadness came from and I always thought it was me no one ever told me that it wasn’t my fault I just always a student that it was so I started looking for my biological mom I think as soon as there was a computer in the house because I never really felt like I fit in with my family and so I was always looking for something that looked like me my biological mother found me online several years ago and we’ve been communicating ever since but we’ve never met in person I don’t want to meet her and feel this way she really like did the best thing for me like gave me the best life I could possibly have and I want to thank her more than anything in this world I want Roxanna my biological mother to be able to wrap her arms all the way around me and just know and like a sigh of a hug that I am okay I’m here in Philadelphia at Jamie’s dance school where she’s Resident Advisor she’s kind of like a mom to probably 30 or 40 of these students and she spent her whole life giving to other people and well this year everything’s gonna change so in the true nature and tradition of ballet I figured I’d slip into a slip into this thing and hopefully she’s got a sense of humor because this ain’t pretty Jamie I flew all the way out to Philadelphia and I squeezed into this thing to choose you for the transformation of your life are you ready this is just the beginning this is just not real way frayed out yes it is yes it is this year is gonna be full of surprises those fella we have no time our flight leaves a couple hours so we need to go home we gotta pack your bat boot camp starts tomorrow all right I’ve never experienced a surprise like that and in in my entire life ever I wanted to know why me that’s really overwhelming to put Jamie through a transformation where she’s in a place where she’s comfortable and she’s confident to meet her birth mother I mean it’s a tall order well there we are what do you think are you ready hey I’m ready I found what are you worried about what if I can’t do it disappointing you it’s like worse than DISA blame myself for somebody like Jamie who her self-esteem is so low she has no value for herself and then to be chosen for this process she is so overwhelmed she just keeps breaking down into tears how you doing hey I don’t K wonders last time you didn’t step downstairs um a few years ago and I didn’t like the number I saw it just was validating that I worthless so why would you get back on it again genie is just she is so broken and and when she walks out onto that scale I’ll be honest inside I’m thinking this is gonna be a tough journey how do you come back from that we can come back from that rain coming up so Ephrata wedding you down I don’t know James gonna make it through the year I’m gonna have to resign from my position Clovis your plans become our problem and later standing there waiting for my mom the single most fear inducing moment of my life have you come back from that we can’t come back from that rain hey it’s painful to like have to stare your own failures in the face and know that like you can’t change it tomorrow like you’re gonna have to put in a lot of more work to take yourself out of your failure I’ll tell you I’m five or six five or six to 292 days in my experience I’ve worked with a lot of people who are a lot heavier than that compared to some of the other transformations I’ve done she doesn’t have that far to go but Jamie’s transformation it doesn’t have to do with weight loss it really has to do with her learning to love herself and her realizing and discovering how extraordinary and how strong she really is I want to be powerful enough to change that number you will yeah you don’t have to believe right now just believe in me and take our word for it when I say I believe in you and after a while you’ll start to believe in yourself okay every staff away from 292 is the beginning of 291 or 290 mm like a little by little I’m gonna make the changes that they need to make so it was uh it was freeing cuz I knew that I was it’s the last time that I was gonna see it on a scale Amy hi we have your some of your medical history here your skin conditioner can usually be taken care of with diet and exercise boot camp has officially begun all right well and in do camp she’s gonna be going through a series of medical exams just to make sure that she’s ready for this process because it’s going to be intense and addition she’s gonna be meeting with Paulette who’s gonna cover up her whole nutrition schedule for breakfast you could have a high-fiber English muffin that’s one carb a tablespoon of natural peanut butter on there and a half a banana and then she’s also gonna be working out with me welcome to my comfort zone right how you feeling you don’t look too comfortable hi I’m excited I am and I mean that genuinely but I’ve been so afraid of disappointing you and myself right now and so I’m just like digging myself out for that I’m used to people breaking down and crying during a workout but Jeanne started crying before the workout she can’t even compose herself honestly I don’t know if Jamie’s gonna make it through the year who’s so afraid of letting you down stop you have nothing to prove to me you got that yes I’m antsy prove it to yourself I know you want to lose it you want to see your mom and you want her to see that so what if i disappoint her today what if what were you so scared of yeah are you guys crazy you’re so scared of something that’s gonna happen in the future it keeps you from living right now the future is waiting for you to live into it and create where you want from it am i hitting on something here I don’t want to do that anymore totally get over it okay easier said than done yeah so we’re gonna get over just one day at a time yeah let’s go when it comes to transformation and and building Jamie back up we’re at Ground Zero and this is gonna be done one small step at a time the only thing that would ever disappoint me is if you quit I’m not a quitter not a quitter you ready um okay y’all warmed up sport cool don’t go anywhere grip the handles and push I want you to make this this belt move push oh hush Bush and I want you to get it moving now push it this is a sprint Jeannie go go go I just saw like he’s gonna wrap me up he’s gonna make me run and when he stopped the tread melons like okay Fred I can’t there’s no way I can move this belt without it being on breathe breathe keep pushing now time to explore your body Jaime time to explore how awesome you are suddenly as I’m like sprinting I’m proving to myself and to him that I can even even though I said I couldn’t beautiful keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing come on now and so this is my opportunity these are my minutes with Chris that matter and so I’m gonna learn something about myself I have to put myself through this to come out of it and show myself I can do it how about you want to love yourself you never worry about disappointing anybody because you value yourself enough come on keep pushing three two one rest how bad you want that freedom odd where anything of the world it has consumed you for far too long I’m definitely proud of myself I think I really struggle to gauge my success and I realize that I’ve never really lived in any of my success and if you don’t get to relish in your success than you just live in your failure you still um I feel like I’m at the beginning of a mountain and it’s gonna be really hard but I proved to myself that I can start taking steps yeah those treadmill pushes there they were in a week hurry Bay do I need to go back no this is it she spent so much time worrying about what everybody else thinks what I’m gonna think what her mom’s gonna think we’re to birth mother’s gonna think if she just focuses on herself everything else is gonna fall into place why are you ready to all ah I am ready to go home I’ve had I’ve had a lot of time to think here I need to focus this year on me so um I I’m gonna leave my job so I’m gonna move back to Massachusetts and take care of me this year people right I’m worth that Wow I’m actually I’m really surprised when Jamie shares with me that her job at the dance studio it wasn’t right for her right now I just thought wow there’s that first spark where all of a sudden Jamie came first if you’re gonna be moving get settled in and then I will come to you and we can help create that environment for success in your new home okay so your initial aim was 292 pounds your phase 1 goal in the next 90 days is going to be to lose 80 pounds how does ah at this moment it sounds impossible but I’m up for the challenge of things that are impossible to lose 80 pounds in 90 days I mean I’m doing the math really fast and that’s like a pound a day give or take a couple of bad days so how does the human body do that I don’t know if you can actually do that ultimately you learned a lot here but I just want to make sure that you stay on track throughout this whole process fortunately we actually have a lot of support and this is well our friends at Walmart are giving you this generous gift card for all of your groceries and produce throughout the whole year yes that’s yours I don’t say alright I am so proud of you way to put your foot down yeah on one hand it terrifies me to think that Jamie’s gonna go home by herself for a couple weeks but on the other hand she’s going home to make these positive changes for herself and to me that’s encouraging she’s finally thinking about herself coming up right now I’m you know living and dying by the scale I know there’s weeks where I was at 400 she’s destroying her body Jamie had healthier habits when she was obese and later ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for the new Jamie see how she looks after one full year what gotta see – oh what’s we do for you I’m gonna cry already I am you just got back from California and I had an amazing time I wait I think you so much for allowing me to go and have that experience but I’m gonna have to resign from my position and um take the next steps to take care of myself when exactly is this happening how soon I need to like pack up and go in the next couple of days it’s I just really it’s really short notice and we’re almost at the end of the school year so it just puts us in a tough position to go okay fine we lose our residence director who’s gonna take care of 38 kids there it was never my intention to to just leave you with a few days no it is so not me but the problem is your plans become our problem okay long regime I think I realize that I need to put myself first because I’m trying to take care of myself I can’t listen to anybody else telling me that I should be here or even that inside voice that tells me that I should stay and take care of the kids because I love them it’s not stronger than the voice of thing I need to go oh hi guys I love you leaving my job behind is definitely like a weight being lifted off my shoulders in terms of anxiety and finally being able to just do it and pack up and feel like it was right for me to come home we’re only in the 90 days the first 90 days but I feel like I’m definitely coming home different than when I left and so I feel like the new me is strong enough to take on anything that’s gonna get thrown my I’ve been emailing skyping Jaden and every time I talk to her she’s she’s asking for more exercises she’s asking if I can increase your reps or her mileage on her runs I just keep harder to follow the program I want to make sure that she’s truly transforming not just dropping pounds I’m working out a lot and I have not been eating very much at all every Friday when I should be resting don’t tell Chris but I brought I run walk a half marathon because I feel like every time I do that I am a few steps closer to doing my final goal I already got like a seven mile er and today and I’m gonna go back to running today is my Nana’s 90th birthday so while the family sitting together my grandmother is like I always say like she’s the other P in my pod like she’s just she’s awesome she’s the woman that like I think of as having reused me so she was the one who got me off the bus and made dinner and often put me to bed so I love her she’s just the gentlest person you’ll ever meet and I think um for me she’s somebody who always had time for me and I think that’s something that I was missing growing up my adoptive mom Lynn unfortunately she does live right next door to my grandmother so I might run into her nervous look who’s here – are you surprised for you hi I’m just a problem no crying you can fry my name is Lynn I’m Jamie’s mother actually I’m her adoptive mother I adopted her when she was 2 years old I’m gonna make a plate hon if you can I can’t make a plate there’s nothing over there that I can eat Lynn will take the responsibility of my mother for sure Lynn raised me until till I went to college but like I think my heart was never really nurtured yes forks knives you were supposed to bring there’s none on the table here for us okay they’re out at other tables look is there enough for I bought over 100 what she looked at as parenting was putting food on the table and a roof over your head and but like I I needed a parent that could show me that they loved me there’s Devon where I got a mouthful I love my grandmother her mother to death and I will be there for her forever but you know when I was in high school my mom my dad told me the only reason that she opted me was she had somebody to take care of her when she got older and I don’t want to I want to take care of me right now I’m you know living and dying by the scale so it’s sort of like every day it’s sort of like I want to see results I think I’m supposed to like be noticing more changes and I really am which just makes me feel sick to my stomach that I don’t because it makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me Jamie let it slip she’s been playing yourself that’s a huge red flag I read people during the first 90 it’s just like a champ in their progress but let’s just say we want them to see the number it’s just it’s too much information too much pressure I really wish that I could look in the mirror and see somebody different but I saw you know weeks ago like I feel worthless all the time so we’re just looking at this is a validation of that but I still see failure and I still feel a thing in no good and I don’t know when that goes away I’m worried so I called Jamie today to let her know that I’m coming out of state with her for the rest of phase one I fly out on the red-eye tonight I’m a Chicopee Massachusetts right now and I’m going to see Jamie am kind of worried because just didn’t seem like she was in a very good place ray oh my god oh my gosh I mean it’s just been a few weeks since I saw her last and Wow no it’s possible to lose weight too fast well now time for me to invade your life for a little while this is intense all right go ahead and step on the scale Wow okay 39 pounds now you’re ahead of schedule but significantly ahead of schedule starting at 292 pounds she’s losing great at the rate of someone who’s 500 pounds you’ve lost more than home today in this first month which is a little overkill now I might slow things down a bit pull the reins back on your exercise and I might have you even a few more calories look I don’t doubt I I totally see your anxiety guys right now just it’s okay go with this okay this is a marathon not a sprint right there you go good Jamie great job I love this sprint all right how’s your body feeling any aches and pains back these your back started is it starting to tighten up that here is taken a yeah we’re done here we can’t risk attacking thank you much all right okay I totally get that she is driven he’s hit these numbers but at the same time since she starts telling me about her hip hurts her back hurts take it down low beautiful Jamie good job my ex he’s easy easy okay I don’t doubt her dedication it’s hurting her if that’s your mentality with exercise what’s him entirely like with nutrition before even before I die here did you find yourself pulling back on the calories over exercising starving yourself I mean were you there at all I see you cringing I definitely tried to hit my 1,200 calories in a day I’m cringing as I know there’s weeks where I was at 400 okay 400 calories a day that’s starvation level she’s destroying her body and then she’s working out eight hours a day on top of that I hate to say it but Jamie had healthier habits when she was obese my job right now is gonna be getting you to eat as many calories as I can and keeping you out of the gym if she keeps this up she’s gonna develop a full-blown eating disorder it’s gonna take a leap of faith I won’t ask you to do anything that will hurt you in the long run 3G won’t go good Jamie good also good also good hustle bring it back bring it home here you go take it to that goal line good Jamie big push big push get underneath that tire there you go I feel excited about the way that Chris and I have sort of shifted and changed the workouts and changed some of the the dietary things there’s peaches in here that are probably even better than the nectarine no okay good pick it up lunge it back and I want dressings I have found myself focusing less on meeting that goal whereas before I think the only thing I could have felt was fear and anxiety about meeting at all and now it’s going to reflect my hard work no matter what good yeah bring your heart right back down the see how fast you can recover Fitness is not necessarily a gauge of how fast you get your heart rate up it’s all a matter of how fast your heart rate comes back down the faster you can recover the fitter you’re getting she got so fixated on the numbers I want to make Jamie’s focus all about fitness I want her to think about push-ups and pull-ups and squats and running faster jumping further look at that it’s coming down quickly I just want to make sure that she’s focusing on her health proofs you’ve been hit down hard right here look out faster recovery I figured what what better place for the 90-day weigh-in then right here I’m so happy with with the way the Jamie’s been over the last few weeks unlike so many of the other times when I when I come into the 90-day weigh-in anticipating this big number I don’t care if she hits the number or not okay taking off my really ahead you take off your shoes take off your shirt three months ago you stepped on the scale you weighed 292 pounds and I gave you the goal to lose 80 pounds over the last 90 days so if this guess is 212 pounds or less you hit your goal are you ready I’m ready go ahead and step on the scale let’s do this 218 pounds say six pounds shot yeah I don’t know that six pounds has ever felt so good like I just I lost 74 pounds and Jamie from three months ago could never look at that number it feels accessible I would have felt like I failed you and genuinely today I know I did it the scales going in the right direction mm-hmm but most importantly you’re going in the right direction up here the most encouraging thing about this van was it Jamie didn’t mind that she didn’t hit her goal and to me that’s an even bigger victory that had she hit her goal in the first place 74 pounds is not anything to stare at and be sad about Jamie well done thank you for everything coming up so I finished the workout and I hurt my hip really bad thing and later I can’t tell you I mean first and foremost thank you for sharing that I had no idea oh thank you man ah thank you sir Jamie got so fixated on the numbers in phase one that I mean it led to her eating four hundred calories a day she was practically starving herself she was starving herself so why did you try something new in Phase two when it comes to a phase two goal you know go out with a few that is not a number goal I think a performance goal would be phenomenal I want to make Jamie’s face to focus all about Fitness what do you say in three months you do a cross-training competition Jamie’s found a passion for CrossFit which is its gymnastics and it’s powerlifting and it’s Olympic weightlifting and it’s endurance training constantly varied and done at high intensity just fear and terror read in my eyes remember everything right now so for Jamie’s milestone she’s gonna compete in across the competition and for anybody who knows we’re talking about some of the fittest people on earth I will recommit right now to make sure that this next phase is about as much of losing weight and eating right as it is staying in balance and in check with myself I want to see if that focus on Fitness translates into weight loss I don’t know if it’s gonna work but it’s worth the try you are reaching that place where you are so competitive you just seem to have found the real Jean and I know you want to be in a in a good place before you saw here and to me you certainly seem to be reaching that place for your six-month weigh in I have one round-trip ticket food good sugar you can see your birth mom serious I think you’re pretty amazed by now Chris Powell I’m feeling really good about about the place where Jamie is right now I mean yeah there’s part of me that’s concerned about her getting overzealous and and reaching for that number again say yeah ah but at the same time I just I’m feeling good that that she’s gonna do well in Phase two this is my countdown is Julie this windy Bethany 30 days left to I wish that every doctor child were given the opportunity to say thank you to the people that brought the menses world because it really is a tremendous yet twenty three days twenty thirty days so I finished the workout and I hurt my hip really bad tonight I’m like a mess I’m sorry Jamie’s injured herself so I get to go talk to dr. Shaq and just get his advice on let him Jamie do this cross-training competition that I set up for her but I just I don’t know if she can in her current condition hey dumb Shaq hi how you doing good good good to see ya yeah so what’s your problem for the day Jamie she hurt her hip and I got this CrossFit competition set up for her only thing is it’s gonna require heavy squatting weighted back lunges a lot of movement around the hip and I just I mean I don’t want to make the problem worse and I think it could you know when we look at the hip joint itself and we realize that all the muscles that come around it and when you’re trying to get her to do squats and this is having to turn huge directions I think we’re just aggravating a system that can make everybody frustrated and night no success one of the ways we can go when that happens is to try to change possibly to a water-based system is there anything that you could do in the pool that you can do that take some the weight off those hips I’ve got something good today okay all right thanks doctor I feel like when I visualize going to jelly it never really completes I get as far as deboarding and then it’s like and the rest which is gonna be amazing growing to be my mom I was excited I was nervous as much as I had worked it out I have to have everything be perfect I secretly wanted everything to be perfect hello Jaime hits me ah Chris I know that tomorrow is a really big day you’re meeting with your mom but first I do have a challenge for you see that in front of you it’s the world’s largest pool and you’re gonna swim all the way across it Jamie hey it’s me huh Chris I know that tomorrow is a really big day you’re meeting with your mom but first I do have a challenge for you I know you hurt yourself you can’t do the cross the competition so instead you see that in front of you that’s the crystal Laguna st. Alfonso de Mar that’s the largest pool in the world 1.2 miles hey guess what you’re gonna do are you speaking as if I’m gonna swim this how you’re telling me the story’s gonna go down you’re gonna swim all the way across it and run all the way back to the start all right and I’m gonna throw another curveball at you here I mean you should finish this whole challenge in less than an hour okay well Jamie good luck okay right the most daunting part of the challenge was the time limit because I have been swimming at home every day and I know how long it takes me to swim that link so I was sort of like oh my gosh I don’t know if I can even finish the swim in like less than half the time that he’s giving me I think the scariest part of the pool is that you can’t see the other side so it’s you’re just swimming blindly I relish the moments that are hard I almost hear my old voice inside of me that’s like you can stop now because we’re tired and it’s okay and then the new me is like no like I want to keep going I got to do this so keep pushing through after I finished the swim I was excited to finish up with the run I’ve definitely realized in phase two that I love short distance running it’s one of my favorite things to do I think I’m pretty good at it crazy to think about six months ago like barely being able to to sprint on a treadmill welcome to the next year’s your life don’t stun and soda fast forward six months later I was running fast and I thought I really am gonna crush my time hmm maybe I have something inside of me that I never knew existed I feel free knowing that things will get hard that things won’t always be easy that life will throw you curveballs oh that’s amazing because on the other side of each of those new obstacles is either success to relish in or a new challenge to face Chris Powell it’s Jimmy’s boss I just finished your challenge done over oh my gosh I can’t believe how fast Jaime finish that challenge I mean that was half the amount of time that I thought she’d finish it in so how do you feel I feel I feel like a warrior I also feel like I could go again oh I can’t believe it I just I can’t wait to see her when she gets back from Chile okay sounds good hi all right bye now I have like be worth something of my life right now and I don’t know that’s what I’m so excited or because I’m so anxious today is the day that I’m going to meet my birth mom and her daughter Jasmine and I did not get a lot of sleep last night I have no recollection of this at all it is weird to think of me living somewhere around here driving into Santiago was surreal there was this tremendous sense of feeling like I was home and also like sheer panic about what was gonna happen I just couldn’t wait like just the bringing to fruition this dream this dream of being able to say thank you I think was sort of like an overwhelming sense of joy I bet you’re very anxious yeah I am I’m just here to help you okay okay okay good tonight in the first hour of extreme weight loss Chris chose Jaime for the opportunity of a lifetime push it come on now how bout you want to love yourself you never worry about disappointing anybody but she struggled to realize her self-worth I still see failure and I don’t know when that goes away and stop herself the results I’m fringing as I know there’s weeks where I was at 400 400 calories a day that’s starvation level after losing 74 pounds in the first 90 days you’re going in the right direction okay Jaime finally began to value herself maybe I have something inside of me that I never knew existed in the next hour I want her to see the real me not the perfect name Jaime will realize her lifelong dream God chose you to be my first mom make a stunning confession thank you for sharing that I have no idea standing there waiting for my mom was the single most fear-inducing moment of my life I’m not exactly where I want to be in my size but I want her to see the real me not the perfect name Oh yeah it’s been a tanto tiempo para terminar aziz india antes de o dia hon take a party la tele but bizarre mucho mucho tiempo anova possible where a Cantera seeing my mom was better than my wildest dreams a knew that she had never stopped loving me in the same way that I don’t think I ever stopped loving her I have wanted to meet you to say thank you not like a little thank you listen he knew the place is the biggest one in the world I know it was a hard decision to make and I can’t take away any of your sadness but I love you Robin Sandow ent quería tener take a dia que to via con MIGO pero no puedo que tu necesita an EJ a bogus I feel like you gave me a piece of your heart and I carried it with me my whole life God chose you to be my first mom that feeling of this is a person that has loved me unconditionally and I think maybe that’s what I’ve been searching for my whole life is sort of a love that doesn’t come from being perfect a love that doesn’t come from being thin and popular a love that just comes because you are adelante chris camino y sierra nomas este la casa donde yo p bo mi casa fat actually this is like a learn greenhouse yeah it is my house Oh wonderful especially Kenya is this mother fing that complete the one but it’s complete perfect this this is your bed it the two gamma C Nana Jasmine Jessamine yo voy a la comida porque si no say no para yeah oh it smells amazing her home was perfect I don’t know her home was it was small I mean it was a small space and it was such a showcase to me of of how you can live so fully I’m so little beragon little adelante I’m already gonna cuff me how are you Oh being getting to me my sister was maybe the second biggest highlight of that trip like she’s just so cute and just you call eleven-year-olds cool like she just was really cool yeah without your team diva uh-huh I do Oh totally say my camera love me more my love love you you got Sigma Xi mm-hmm give us know if not ready this I have something for you and this one says um Sisters of the heart I love your hair okay I said it done really yeah yay so there’s two necklaces so those a blue Yeti and you have one and I don’t have one Stella the runner yeah I love it after lunch my mom Roxy and I wanted to show me where I was born so we headed over to San Ramon where I graphed cuatro Cinco cuatro próxima vez lavinia say vamos so we must be like four to five blocks from where we are going to go hace muchos años que no and the operator who edits so I haven’t been here for many many years okay Vanessa right oh absolutely s : day yahoo even though my seems absurd this is like a – a group where was a priestess very sad memories this is the place now okay Quadra donde caman ammos muchas veces this is the block that we walk many times Allah Muhammad Atta go muy Seca dear me probably not as many times as I wish they were I think being in San Ramon and seeing where hi gruff like I’ve only ever had one image of Chile in my mind I’m interested like if we like shared a bed see sin free company like cover it simply to be Muslims at Aqaba yeah we always share yeah the bed because we only had one bed right Jemima he knows no visa Tomas a sec own Jamie no se da je no se da granados ahora la vi es más a Fellini des UN fella correcta Dolorosa pero fue la cour a este lugar tan de aquella via this was a troika everything was built up to here and arrest was just empty beer where ayyappa’s latin donde or Nia yar inch apart estaba la la Sol de donde snowy nada poor dear poor – nos eggnogs crazy Fink fetter there was a moment and we were at the house or the cement slab that we slip on and think about – year-old Jamie and I don’t know that she ever was missing anything we must have lived you know a very small life and not had certainly any sort of extras or opportunities but I definitely was well taken care of and loved and curious about hi I was potty-trained when I was adopted was I potty trained by ya tiene correos ESO que cuando la falta I yeah yeah Sevilla Busan La Bella Lugosi – yes you know being – – when I was adopted it’s hard to say whether or not any of the memories I have are real I remember it’s Street when I was a little girl I used to have dreams about so thank you for bringing me back that’s to get at some quick gentleman I’ve never thought like oh I don’t have everything I need in my life in Massachusetts I’ve definitely always felt like that was a tremendous gift I think to see the living example of it sort of filled my heart to be like this is where I started and this was the life that my first mother said I want more for you and so then to be able to think about the life that I lived with my mom’s has been incredible but to do blue stuff like uh this is what I can show you from here I appreciate it she said I know it’s not easy so I’m thankful you’re sick enough uh sick but a Jesse getting well – Laura thank you okay very good okay thank you for everything today that’s important though idea we’re not Philippi no this is not goodbye thank you yeah yes there no one else no no I said I know it’s not gonna be a good boy creo que nunca se cantar Purdon’s I think we never cut really the cord the greatest gift that I could give to her was sort of feeling I was at my best and sort of ready to take in the entire experience of Chile and just enjoy every moment with her without being worried that I was gonna disappoint her was awesome coulda said we were for gold soon take care thank you yeah oh my god so Lola yeah see you soon vandal not good to Isis in meeting her I felt like I just got to understand more of who she was and I think that day put into perspective this idea that I’ve been given this incredible gift by a pretty selfless woman a champ welcome to Arizona instead of Jamie flying from Chile back to Massachusetts I redirect your flight so that she can come to Arizona we can spend some time together so tell me about how was Chile how was it how was it seeing your mom it was better than my wildest dreams she’s very proud of me and I think she’s really really cool and so proud of you Thanks then you look incredible I feel incredible that’s the best part though I mean I haven’t seen her in months and I can see that this fitness goal is paying off this is totally an experiment for me so I mean I’m excited to see how that translates into the numbers on the scale run step on the scale main Wonderland as a matter of fact you are in the hundreds yes giving Jamie a fitness goal instead of a weight loss goal it worked and she’s so much happier I mean it’s not a huge number but the scale is going in the right direction hey have to show you my foot shop how about right now right now show me the pushup I want to see it tell me what you got Wow nice Jamie beautiful oh yes Jamie at one point just six months ago she was super obese and now she’s doing push-ups from her toes I mean it’s incredible to see how far she’s come how fit she is now I was thinking you know what how you never gonna be working out later on today why don’t you work out with us this is a big bowl I mean it’s rare for a client to actually work out with Heidi and me Jamie’s so fit she’s ready to make that leap from being a client to being a workout partner come on James get up there video one more red more one more working out with Chris and Heidi it was sort of like number one I couldn’t believe he invited me to work out with them finish it up there Jamie yeah how you doing Jamie good good then to be doing really difficult exercises was awesome how much you’ve grown emotionally is just it’s amazing I know that six months ago you were in a really dark place yeah a really dark place you know six months ago I think a lot of people were worried about me and trying to figure out what was wrong and I know that there was a lot of like I should have been just really excited when you were surprising me but there was a part of me that was sort of like just I felt really unworthy of being chosen and I felt unworthy because I hated myself so much so much that I just wanted to die in that night if you hadn’t showed up like I was just gonna do it I was so ready to be done with living and you walking into my way for that moment skipped all that out how serious were you about I got it no I had no idea I just thought you wanted help six months ago you and I had a pretty crazy fight-or-flight workout and I had um a head like my bottles of pills and I was just I was just waiting for cameras to leave and I could just go back to my room and be Jai I just wanted to be done how you feeling you don’t look – you know I was so afraid of disappointing you and raised self right now and so I’m just liking myself out for that at that moment I was so close to just being like I have pills in my room and I would like to go back and take them and I’m worthless and one should invest their time in me so afraid the weddi you down you know I picked the second truest thing to tell him which was that I was afraid of disappointing him which isn’t a lie but it’s definitely not why I was crying in the beginning so you had a plan yeah for Jamie she wasn’t just thinking about it she was committed to following through with her suicide and it’s almost haunting looking back what are you doing here I don’t know I wanted to know why me when I picked her I interviewed with her plan what stopped you from doing it I mean I think there was a moment where I had two bottles of pills and no voice inside of me nothing to say like you can do this but I had your voice and underneath was a very small Jamie voice a very little girl who just wanted the opportunity to try so I can’t thank you enough for that to sort of pull out that small little voice inside of me that knows that I am worth something and every day I can like build that self-worth and I don’t ever want to put myself in that position again where I can’t get help if I need it it’s moments like this that I realize that this is so much more than just a weight loss show this is people’s lives and and I’m I’m so glad that it worked out the way it did I can’t tell you I mean first and foremost thank you for sharing that I had no idea I’m so glad you’re here now I’m glad I’m here too thank you for being you thank you for showing up in my life and green leotard now that I met my birth mom I think that there are new opportunities to build a stronger relationship with my adoptive mom it’s been good having you back sir go I’m never home no I know I think we are sort of at the beginning of starting to build a stronger bond than we’ve ever had because my expectations have changed real hungry I’m ready for a reward day okay so I think I’m gonna get some salmon for you I wish I could like salmon I’ve tried since you’ve been keeping it in my house I can’t I don’t like it phase two has made me realize that I will be waiting forever for her to be the kind of parent that I wanted her to be but I can love her right now just the way that she is it’s for you gonna cheese – classy for us it’s restaurant I think I’ve been awaiting 27 years for my life to begin and my life has been waiting kind of in the same place like okay we’re we’re ready when you are um so I’m ready I’m ready for a life weekend Jamie needs to lose at least 40% of her original body weight if she wants to qualify for the skin-removal surgery in the nine-month weigh-in just let take a look at your teeth oh we’re talking about this stuff I’m going to meet with – Maura Isles who is a dentist I was in my dream to have a geek whiten so hey I’m ready to just take on took away these challenges is they um maybe I won’t be 146 pounds when I weigh in but I will use amazeballs at 188 pounds each amazeballs at 175 and my successful will not be tied to numbers have to be ready when you start a journey to finish what you start sir reading just happened coming up I might be the craziest person in Philadelphia for what I’m about to do I’m doing this final weigh-in in a bikini so today’s Jamie’s on my plane and I mean last time I saw her she seemed to be in a great place it’s like I can’t wait to see her today look at you you look great nine months ago I didn’t even want to be chosen by Kris because I felt so unworthy and now I definitely feel worthy of this experience crazy this I’m so ready you know the thing about Jamie is that I haven’t given her a weight loss school since phase one and so today I just want to see what her focus on fitness has translated to when it comes to a number on the scale three months ago you stepped on the scale you were 192 pounds you’d lost 100 pounds exactly I didn’t give you a weight goal I just said keep getting fitter and let’s see where we end up and here we are today you know we’re not we’re not focusing on numbers at all but you know in order for me to take win to go see dr. Stoker to get that skin removed okay she has requirements I mean he wants to see you lose at least between 40 to 50% of your original body weight just to be a candidate so if you’re 175 pounds or less you hit your goal good I didn’t step on the scale I know how hard I’ve worked over the last nine months there isn’t a doubt in my mind about the integrity of my working out and eating healthy and so I know I’ve done everything I possibly can to get my body ready for skin removal surgery and it would be a tremendous reward oh my goodness good job great times check out the percentage thirty nine point three eight percent that’s what you lost it’s overwhelming it’s it’s like in a good way it’s really overwhelming losing 115 pounds at nine months is a little surreal it’s a little bit like I didn’t know that I had that much power in me but now let’s think about the skin it’s gonna be in dr. Stoker’s hands and usually he won’t consider somebody a candidate unless they lose between 40 to 50 percent of their original body weight mhm but I’m blown away at how much muscle you’ve developed I mean the guns came from somewhere else that’s what I’m talking about it this right here I know right I want him to see what I see so still gonna take you in there tomorrow and and let’s just get his opinion my biggest worry is have I done enough to warrant in removal surgery I think like I look at my stomach and I still feel and see it 290 pound girl Jamie nice to see you again congratulations on your progress Jeannie’s lost well over 100 pounds and I’m really hoping that dr. Stoker can take into account the fact that she’s developed a lot of muscle when he comes to her qualifying for skin removal surgery what I see here this is actually quite thin okay which is what I look for it’s not nearly as thick as I thought it might be what I also feel is on your abdomen it feels pretty darn strong and that must be the core workout that you’re doing so that’s a positive thing for you as well but it’s a tough decision deciding you know whether or not you’re really a candidate for surgery at this point I went in sort of readying my heart for it to be like a hey Kade you work really hard but it’s not gonna work out here the great news for you is that I think you are a candidate for surgery baby yeah my minute Jamie had a particularly large amount of muscle that muscle affects things such as our BMI calculation it really has a powerful influence on what I see for the operation that’s insane yeah Congrats come here I was really surprised when I qualified for skin removal surgery I’m stinking proud of myself and how hard I’ve worked to get here I’m so ready bring it on not hey champ so this morning Jamie’s getting checked in for surgery and it’s so cool because her aunt is actually there with her and her answer registered nurse so I know that she’s gonna be in great hands during her recovery hey before the doctor comes in there’s something I want to show you look oh why had a little surprise for Jamie somebody that they wanted to congratulate her on such a phenomenal transformation I judge me and it’s me Mommy Dearest I just want to surprise you with this little video and thinking about you and I I wrote you a letter and I’m gonna read it to you dear Jamie good luck with your drink and I’ll be thinking about you every single minute and that’s truth I just want you to know how proud I am of you Jamie I’m sending you a big hug yeah here’s one from them I just want you to know that adopting you was the best thing that I ever did more I loved Janice Jamie and her adoptive mom Lynn they’re still working on the relationship but at the same time it’s so clear that Lynn she loves gene and it’s also clear that Jamie’s beginning to accept Lynn for who she is Jamie are you ready for me I’m so ready if I could say one thing to myself from nine months ago I would say you are so much more powerful than you give yourself credit for and if you wield that power then people are going to want to be around you all the time and you are gonna surprise yourself every day feeling good I am I feel calm and ready boy Oh rocky wasn’t messing around man cheers that’s no joke so how you guys doing tonight are you lazy Jamie when you see the new Jamie you’re gonna be blown away and she’s on her way here right now she was in such a dark place when I first met her and it wasn’t till till later that I found out that Jamie actually had um she had a secret and she actually planned to take her own life and actually when I had chosen to her she told me that she was upset because I had ruined her plan knowing Jamie now and seeing how much she’s changed and how much she’s realized about herself I’m so glad I ruined that plan I mean what what a crazy ride it’s been I mean this is what Jamie used to look like you guys ready to see Jamie today ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for the new Jamie well this is Jamie just one year ago boy does she look different now you guys racing to you Jamie put your hands together for the new Jamie I’ve never in her whole life seen her look so happy and glowing and beautiful like that she was so happy it was what’s amazing a lot can happen in a year huh yeah how do you feel I feel Jame zhing I do if you had said to me a year ago that this is how far I could come in my life emotionally spiritually and physically I don’t know that I wouldn’t believed you and sort of the journey that I’ve been on has been one of tremendous growth so to be sitting here in this body and then this mind frame is something that I never dreamed was possible you have changed so much over the last year just thinking back to the very first week that we spent together you could even look in the mirror yeah I mean do you remember this person here there she is oh yeah can you look ahead do you need me to like I feel worthless all the time so we’re just looking ahead this is a validation of that like I already know I’m ugly so I don’t look at something that I know it’s disgusting yeah I mean I remember that so vividly who lives like that like who lives in such pain yeah not anymore not anymore and never again never I know what that person was they were really sad and they certainly felt like the world would be a much better place without me in it and I also know that this year was meant to happen to sort of open up my eyes to the fact that maybe I have been waiting for 29 years for my life to begin and the truth was it was always there for the living I just needed like come out of that place and know that I had people that were willing to be there for me this whole time we good we’re all here for you and your mother’s yes they’re here I think this year’s a lot of discovering that I was more loved than I ever knew and this is such a testament to that it’s true as much as this is a celebration of me tonight it’s also an opportunity for me to say thank you to everyone who has supported me and believed in me long before I could do that for myself so thank you well it is at the end of your one year of transformation Red Rock baby did you recognize her hello yeah haha all right Jamie for the last time this year get ready to step on the scale all right I might be the craziest person in Philadelphia for what I’m about to do but that person was so afraid of her body and 365 days later it’s not perfect and there are still stretch marks everywhere but I’m doing this final weigh-in in a bikini so will you help me tape I love transformation right there Wow incredible incredible so when you started this year you’re 292 pounds and a crazy 365 days well miss Jamie whenever you are ready yes step on the scale I would love to you can come back from that rain how about you want to love yourself to never worry about disappointing anybody more than anything in this world I want Santa my biological mother to be able to wrap her arms all the way around me Oh well miss Jamie whenever you are ready yeah step on the scale I would love to Oh incredible incredible I never thought that I could get there in one year it’s amazing hey Janie you were 162 pounds out do you lost 130 pounds I can let you guys know although she increased her muscle mass by 30% yes you light as a feather and I feel like I can take on the world so what’s the next step in what what can’t you do you know I think for me there are so many years of I cants there’s been 28 years of I will never be able to do that I could never try that and there’s only been three hundred and sixty five short days of maybe if I just give it a try and so the world is my oyster there’s so many things that I want to do and every day is a new I can or even if I can’t I can try so that’s what the next rest of my life looks like I’ve been touched by by your passion for learning and growing and I’m not the only person who’s been touched I’ve got something for you this is from our friends at Walmart who want to help you continue to live better so they want to give you this to help you pursue your ultimate goal which is your PhD in education so they want to give you the latest and greatest in laptop technology this is incredible and now of course you’re gonna need this too this is a gift card for $25,000 we want to help you continue to live better it’s not realized yeah it is unreal me going back to school is something that I couldn’t fathom a year ago so at the end of this year being so ready to tackle the next chapter in my life Walmart’s been supporting us since the beginning and I don’t even know how to say begin to say thank you for again Danny tonight’s your night you know I think a lot about starting the year in the place that I was I didn’t want to do this life anymore I didn’t want to do living with feeling like a failure I think when you live in a worthless world like there’s nothing there’s nothing to live for you know it’s felt like this really tight suffocating room and then somebody came in open the door you know just a little bit I can’t tell you how I mean how happy I am that you’re here with me today why am i glad I chose you yeah I think it’s safe to say I wouldn’t be here without this opportunity and I’m so grateful I really am on the next extreme weight loss meet mehrbod a popular DJ with a seemingly perfect life I’m an amazing girlfriend wanna have kids but his addiction to food has left him dangerously obese well mehrbod be chris’s greatest success that’s insane he broke records or his biggest failure my only hope is that it’s not as bad as I think it’s gonna be Oh Dana Delany stars and body approved right now


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